Big Victory Day in Donetsk! Zakharchenko in full Uniform! [video+ photos]


May 9th, 2015

Joaquin Flores

Happy Victory Day from Donetsk Republic, to Fort Russ friends and readers!

The Novorossiyan Republic of Donetsk also commemorated Victory Day today.  Enjoy the video and photos!

Besides Crimea, Novorossiya is really the only place, in what the west still considers ‘Ukraine’, where real Victory Day observations were held.  But, even before the coup nearly a year and a half ago, the observations were still muted under the western influence and the ‘moderate’ Ukrainian nationalism of Kuchma. 

So, these observations and popular commemorations are really in the ‘Russian style’; this communicates clearly how Novorossiya sees itself – as part of the larger Eurasian world of several, many, Russias. 

Another thing is certain too – The DPR Army isn’t a rag-tag bunch of drunken rebels or criminal outlaws, as is repeated ad naseum in the walled garden of Ukropian daily propaganda.  This is, as we say in the Anglophonic world – “The real deal”. 


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