Chechnya delivers 150 tons of humanitarian aid to Novoazovsk district and frontal towns (video)


May 15, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Humanitarian aid delivered to DPR for Victory Day from the Fund named after Hero of Russia Akhmad Kadyrov reached the residents of the frontline settlements of DPR.

150 tons of aid from Chechnya – food and essentials – were sent to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War, children of war and residents of Donbass.

Most of the cargo, 106 tons, was delivered to Novoazovsk district, where there are active military operations.

The head of administration of Novoazovsk district Oleg Morgun (former chief of police of Mariupol, whose “elimination” by a mythical “partisan group” was repeatedly reported by the most truthful in the world Ukrainian media): “This is a huge help for us, thank you very much to the Chechen people for extending a helping hand”.

In addition to food, all the veterans of Novoazovsk district received envelopes with money from representatives of Chechnya. 

Novoazovsk residents send their gratitude to all the people of Russia supporting them from the beginning of the war.

For example, the all-Russian public organization of veterans “COMBAT BROTHERHOOD” since the fall of 2014 provided all kindergartens and schools of Novoazovsk district with food, and 30 children from Novoazovsk district went to Moscow for Christmas at the invitation of Russian veterans.

During their visit on December 19, 2014 they met with the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Kirill.

Patriarch Kirill blessed the young residents of Novoazovsk district and gave each a gift with words of blessing.

Video transcript:

Novoazovsk did not suffer much from the war, but many refugees found shelter in the city.

“They did not fight here, fought over there, further away. We can hear it everyday. At first it was scary, but not anymore, we are used to it!” 

Veterans of Donetsk region received envelopes with money.

“I would like to thank Ramzan Kadyrov, who understands how difficult it is for us. And a big thank you to the Chechen people. We want to distribute goods to the most needy.” 

“Our citizens need help as never before. Military operations are ongoing on the territory of the district, and peaceful residents are suffering.”

The head of administration Oleg Matgun said, that this is the first time the aid was received on such a scale and quality. 

“No one knows better then the Chechen people, what kind of products are needed first.”

 “When we passed some localities we saw the joy of local residents.”

The envelopes with money were given out on the first day. 

93 year-old veteran Mikhail Boronenko was one of the first to receive his envelope. 

“These guys are from Chechnya. This is from Ramzan Kadyrov!”

“There are few of us left, but the memory lives on!”

“Happy holiday, much health to you!”

“Happy Victory day!”

“Thank you, grandchildren!”

The veteran could not control his emotions and shed a tear. He and his 5 brothers went to the front in early 40’s.

“We liberated Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia. 60% of personal staff were wounded 2-3 times.” 

The residents of the city, despite a difficult situation in the country are in a celebratory mood. You can see St. George ribbons everywhere.

(Grozny News)

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