Commander Givi Promises Bloody Revenge for Odessa (Video)


May 3rd, 2015 – 

From Pravda, Serbia – Translated by Joaquin Flores –

Donetsk – Commander Givi, leader of the Novorossiyan Battalion “Somali”, has vowed to take revenge on the Ukrainian leadership for last year’s massacre of protesters in the building of trade unions in Odessa. Givi yesterday, on the anniversary of the massacre in Odessa, said the victims from Odessa are to be avenged.

– Thank you, you have not forgotten those who died in Odessa. For us in the east, the war is not only in Donetsk, but also in Lugansk, Mariupol and Odessa, and we will avenge Poroshenko and the Right Sector for it – said Givi.

Ukrainian extremists set a fire on the 2nd of May 2014, to the building in which there were pro-Russian demonstrators, that killed 48 and injured 300 people. Some people were killed in front of the building after jumping from the window, trying to escape from the flames. Among the dead were women who were raped and then thrown into the flames to make it seem that they were victims of the fire.

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