Complete Video of Victory Day Parade! Plus selected photos [video+photos]


May 9th, 2015

Joaquin Flores

Happy Victory Day, Fort Russ friends!  

Today we are celebrating the 70th Victory Day over Fascism in the Great Patriotic War.  30 million Russians died in the struggle against the National Socialist invasion of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Soviet involvement in the war war lasted from June of 1941 May of 1945.

Throughout the day, we will be posting articles and other photo collections featuring the observances across the Russian Federation and also, importantly in the Novorossiyan Federation’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. 

Russia Today gave us an excellent presentation, streaming live, with insightful color commentary which was not distracting.  Unfortunately, most of our trans-atlantic readers in North and South America were sound asleep when today’ events began.  

“Victory 70: Largest May 9 parade in Russian and Soviet history since WW2” – RT

Here are some of our favorite photos that have emerged from today’s event so far.  We have focused some on the international presence of the Serbs, the Chinese, Mongolia, Armenia and India. 



China – note the St. George Ribbons


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India – note St. George ribbons


With the traditional standards in WWII uniforms

Armenia – note the St. George Ribbons


Female Cadets

Mongolia – note the St. George Ribbons


Mongolia – Honor Guard


The number of infantry troops that marched in Red Square today, May 9th, was more than 15,000 or almost 50% more than the number of servicemen who took part in the 2010 jubilee parade. 

Six gala columns of servicemen, including servicemen of the Suvorov military school, Nakhimov naval school, music military schools, cadet Corps and Cossack troops, will take part in the gala parade. 

Part of the historical significance of the parade was symbolized with servicemen carrying flags of glorified military units as they marched in Red square; military companies with servicemen dressed in WWII uniforms carried firearms dating back to the WWII epoch.

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