Daylight reveals Donetsk damage from biggest shelling in months (video)


May 3, 2015

Translated from Russian by Krisitna Rus

Evgeny Lamin

Destroyed homes, broken glass, residents of the Kiev district say they have not seen such shelling in months. 

This nursery got a direct hit, this is a crib of a 2-year old boy, but he was lucky, his parents took him to his grandma’s for the [May] holidays.

“I think not only I was lucky, but this little child was lucky as well. A young family was supposed to be here, everyone was lucky”

The shelling began last night at 10:30 pm, before that gunfire and cannon fire was heard. Then artillery fir followed, continuing until 1 am. Explosions in the Kiev district were seen from downtown.

“We woke up from the ground shaking. My husband went to look out the window, and saw a shell hitting the boiler. He was thrown towards the refrigerator by the blast wave, and he crawled into a hallway, we covered our child with a blanket and sat in a bathroom. It was maddening” 

“Around 11 pm, there was such a loud bang, I thought I will be gone. And not just once. And then they began”

It appears the fire was carried out by large caliber ammunition. 

This is a classroom of the 58th school in Donetsk. It is located in the Kiev district. It was a direct hit. The iron frame holding the door has been completely torn off, speaking for the strength of the explosion. 

In the morning residents came out to clean up the damage from shelling. Most windows were broken in this house, the corner of the house had collapsed.

“How did you survive the night?”

“Awful. What night, you can see what night…”

“It was impossible to even sit in the apartment…”

“When will this war be over? God, let those who started it all be cursed” [cries]

Due to a hit into a boiler, dozens of homes in the Kiev district were left without hot water. 

In all according to Donetsk Republic Authorities 9 cities and towns were subjected to shelling from Ukrainian security forces. Besides Donetsk, it was Shirokhino,Yasinovataya and Gorlovka. 


Thank you Obama, I hope you sleep well at night. 

The fourth wave of mobilization in Ukraine has been completed and trained, the muddy and rainy mid-season has passed, and the sacred Russian May holidays marking the anniversary of defeat of Ukrainian Nazis are too big of a temptation for the fascist Kiev junta to ignore. Novorossia is hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

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