Does Kolomoysky know something???

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May 30, 2015

Does Kolomoysky know something???

By muravei_s

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Mikhail Saakashvili said he’ll turn Odessa into the “capital of the Black Sea.”

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very important for me to start, because it will be a nightmare very
long process, the transforming Odessa into a smoking ruin the capital of
the entire Black Sea”, Saakashvili said. This will require “serious
transformations which the president mentioned,” “new rules”, and “new

To which Igor Kolomoysky replied: “Mikhail Saakashvili
will surrender Odessa to the Russians, and then we’ll have to reconquer

Kolomoysky also said that Igor Palitsa did not voluntarily
resign from the Odessa region governor post. “I’m surprised they picked Saakashvili. I think he is a temporary figure. Now he’ll surrender Odessa
to the Russians, and then we’ll have to reconquer it. He’ll spend some
time in that position, but then he will be replaced by some mediocrity
like Goncharenko.”

“By the way, how many passports does he have?
I’m sure he can out do me in that regard. US, Georgian, Dutch, and now
also Ukrainian,” the oligarch added.

P.S: I’m starting to like this. Kolomoysky is clever, he knows what he’s talking about. Come on, Mike, we believe in you!

J.Hawk’s Comment: On the one hand this is too weird for words, but on the other Poroshenko must have a reason. The one thing that comes to mind is that, like most of the other “foreigners”, Saakashvili is there to act as the hatchetman who fires and purges and then, once the dirty work is done, he is replaced by “a mediocrity like Goncharenko” who would not be up to the task of uprooting Kolomoysky’s people embedded throughout Odessa. Because that’s who the target is, no doubt. Yesterday’s bombing of a Roshen store in Kiev might well be related to Saakashvili’s appointment.

Then there’s always the possibility that Saakashvili’s Odessa appointment is part of Kiev’s default avoidance strategy. There are a lot of attractive assets in that region, starting with that seaport. I wrote many times that the Western creditors are holding out because they know that default means political suicide to Kiev which will do whatever it takes to avoid it. Up to and including handing over Ukraine’s Soviet-era “crown jewels” to Western investment funds for the sake of “restructuring”, which the IMF no doubt very deliberately made a condition for its next tranche.

That Kolomoysky hates that scenario goes without saying–that’s “his” stuff they are handing over. Moreover, he may not be off-base by saying that Russia will “take over”, because if the investment funds want to offload their Odessa “hot properties,” who will buy them if not Russian companies?

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