Epic Video Highlight from Donetsk Victory Day:Motorola & Givi


May 9th, 2015

Joaquin Flores

Happy Victory Day to Fort Russ readers and friends!

(scroll down for video!)

Motorola with Sparta and Givi with Somali opened the Victory Parade in Donetsk and were met by the cheering and applause of spectators. Glory to the Heroes of Donbass!

Bear in mind that the people you see cheering roadside have withstood a state of constant war for nearly a year, have been shelled, hundreds of thousands displaced, terrorized by deathsquads by night before the airport was finally cleared of the cyborgs, and have nevertheless held on and supported their new born People’s Republic, as if their lives depend on it – because they do. 

The battalions you see rolling through the streets of Donetsk city are not just ceremonial; these are the real-living modern heroes of today’s conflict against imperialism and the liberal-nazism of the Kiev Junta.  These are the people’s heroes, guardians of the republic. 

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