Field Reports: May 8th Fights In Donbass


May 8th, 2015

Fort Russ Editorial Team

Source: Strelkov_info, and brigada_15 and Militia and Residents of Novorossiya – 

UPDATE: Fights in progress in Peski, Gorlovka, Donetsk outskirts (Donetsk airport and 3-4 districts), This morning a heavy explosions occurred near the city center (no casualties reported) — Militia Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 11:40: In Lugansk region were intense fights between Ukrainian Army and Lugansk Militia , The most affected areas were Sokolniki, Katerinovka, Rosadki, Svetlodarsk — Militia Source — Confirmed

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UPDATE 11:40: One Resident of Donetsk : In this night I couldn’t sleep because was so loud outside,Ukrainian Army shelled Donetsk airport and surrounding areas (The shelling stopped around 03:30) — Resident Source — Not Official Confirmed

UPDATE 11:40: The night in Donetsk region was intense,This morning the shelling started again,Ukrainian Forces started again the shelling on Gorlovka — Militia Source — Confirmed

UPDATE 02:00: For Donetsk Residents:  If you see any suspicious activity in Donetsk in the next days report immediately to the Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Donetsk People’s Republic — Militia Announcement

UPDATE 02:00: Donetsk Militia Intelligence: Ukrainian Forces is preparing provocations in Donetsk on 9th May and in the next days,weeks — Militia Source — Confirmed

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