FIFA scandal as a microcosm of a collapse of international law


May 31, 2015

Andrey Vadjra

How the West treats the non-Western world, can be understood from the situation around FIFA.

FIFA is the main international football organization. An analogue of the UN in the world of football.

The other day its President Joseph Blatter was elected. However, he did not suit the US, as he does not bend under Washington. The Americans and their European lackeys (could not find another, more accurate word) organized a campaign to pressure Blatter, and then the FBI even conducts arrests of the employees of this organization (it’s as if the SBU arrested the staff of the UN). Terrible fault of the President of FIFA – the FIFA World Cup 2018 which will be held in Russia.

Such transgression could not be forgiven by the US and Europe. But they failed to drag their protégé – Jordanian Prince Ali bin al Hussein to the post of FIFA President. The majority of the members of this international organization voted for Blatter.

If this was an election in Ukraine, won by a Pro-Russian candidate, the West would complain about fraud. It’s understandable. Only American puppets are honestly elected. But this is FIFA. It is impossible to accuse someone of fraud. And what does the West do in this situation?

It’s very simple. It uses the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) to offer to boycott FIFA football matches. And the West could care less about the rest of the world!

Isn’t it revealing?

As announced by the head of the English Football Association, Greg Dyke: “most of the European countries voted against Blatter, like all of Latin America. These two regions are, in fact – the World Cup.” This means that England will enthusiastically join the boycott.

In other words, either everything will go the way of the UK and the US, or no other way! The opinion of others – irrelevant!

But this happens not just in football. All the modern global system is built on this principle. Either everything happens according to the West or – there will be coups, sanctions, war, brainwashing, bloody terrorist attacks, scandals and murders.

Then who needs FIFA? Who needs the UN? Who needs the international law?

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