Intel from the future: Russia must learn to fire Macedonian style


May 22, 2015

Sergey Chelemendik

Translated by Kristina Rus

Nikolay Starikov: My good friend, Russian writer and Slovakian politician Sergey Chelemndik wrote about his thoughts on the Macedonia issue.

In May 2009 in the city of Skopje, I became an unwitting witness to a bit of a strange sociological survey. At a reception at the palace in honor of the delegation from the Council of Europe – PACE, the same palace which is now surrounded by  the tents of Maidan, the highest representative of the Macedonian state approached the assembled diplomats and members of the European parliaments with a question: “When will Albania occupy Macedonia?”. He was interested in dates and details, he was smiling and drank red wine from large glasses.

He was especially persistent in questioning a hardened British politician, whom he reasonably suspected of knowing more then others about the future of Macedonia.

– I have no idea! – insincerely answered the cunning nanglo-sax [“naglo” is a play off “anglo” and means “brazen” – KR] the size of Lord Winston Churchill, but devoid of Churchill cigar and charisma. But with a handsome young secretary- assistant.

The same thing the Englishman replied to me, to my question if a Russian Senator, a head of a political group, can be elected by the European Democrats to become the President of PACE, although the answer was already known to all and my question was rhetorical. It was just interesting what this naglo-sax will say if for three years in a row he kept saying that they will surely elect him, and not only …

How are these memories connected with the happening now in Macedonia another Euromaidan? 

Connected directly.

The script of abolition of Macedonia by its partition between Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia is widely known, it appeared early in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

And from a scenario they are moving to staging another geopolitical drama.

With a big non-Balkan prospect, in the spirit of the naglo-Saxon question – how come these savage Balkanians stopped shooting each other? Just scored as much as 300 thousand in Bosnia, and stopped…

Even the Russians in Ukraine are killing each other by the thousands, and these Serbs, Macedonians, Albanians somehow are way behind.

They must step up.

What should Russia do about this?

Start shooting Macedonian style, that is with two hands at the same time, and preferably not only shoot, but also strike.

At least sometimes.

There could be many responses to the machinations of the Overseas Partners (“ZaOkeanskih Partnerov” – rus.) – ZOPA [alluding to a behind body part – KR], who decided no matter what to deprive Europe of Russian gas, and Russia of European money for this gas.

The most simple and effective answers – to create insurmountable obstacles on the way of tankers transporting oil around the world. 

Vessels sinking in the straits, floating herds of mines, unruly pirates, unidentified torpedoes on behalf of ISIS (as under this name anything can be done around the world).

Or a freshly bought from Pakistan’s nuclear bomb suddenly spoils in the secret basement in Riyadh and starts smoking – the mice chewed the wiring.

Then, the fate of the Turkish Stream will concern ZOPA much less, they can even lose interest.

Then the Macedonian Maidan could suddenly fold by itself

Incidentally, all these difficulties with delivery of oil around the world, but especially to Europe and the United States, are guaranteed, may be even without the participation of Russia, but today there are no problems yet, but the Macedonian Maidan in the way of our Turkish stream is already here.

Therefore, as sung in a folk song: “I am marching, two angels ahead, and both are shooting Macedonian style”, i.e. simultaneously, from two trunks.

Russia has a direct and undebatable motive to intervene in the situation in Macedonia and to help our Orthodox Slavic brothers Macedonians, who, when desperate, traditionally remembered about their love for Russia. Which for Macedonians still harmonically coexists with the dream about EU and NATO. But dreams are dreams, and Macedonia may be gone tomorrow.

For many years I had philosophical conversations with one good friend and colleague from Belgrade, in which in particular I said that Russia will intervene in the Balkans only after she will find the strength to solve much more pressing Ukrainian issue.

Whether Russia found the strength to deal with the Ukrainian issue today is already clear, not only found, there will be enough strength for as long as necessary, as the flutter turned into an earthquake worse than the Nepalese.

Russia is still paying the major bills for geopolitical impotence and sloppiness of the Yeltsin era, when it was possible to help the Serbs and it was easy to do, but didn’t help, couldn’t, didn’t find the strength.

Or just recently, Bulgaria flushed the South stream, which showed Russia and Europe where can the geopolitical sloppiness lead, what is the price.

Was it really cheaper and better to close the South Stream, than to help Bulgarian brothers resist the pressure of ZOPA?

This is how Russia should fire at the Macedonian Maidan Macedonian style.

The first gun – political interference and political pressure at the highest level, as with Syria, and with Ukraine. Judging from the activity of the Russian and other Russia-friendly media and statements by the Russian Foreign Ministry, this gun already opened fire.

The second gun – real, fast and effective support of the Macedonian anti-Maidan.

Here the stakes for the Macedonian state establishment must be properly understood.

If Macedonia will be divided, the establishment is finished on an unimaginable and scary scale. The fate of Kosovo Serbs may seem like honey, because the Serbs at least had somewhere to go, they were sheltered by Serbian Serbs. But there is virtually no one to take them.

That is, the Macedonian elite is motivated desperately and irrevocably.

Finally, no wonder that their ancestors invented Macedonian shooting.

How to support a large anti-Maidan in a tiny Macedonia – a question not for me. I just think that today it can and should be done.

However, the anti-Maidan will not suceed, if ZOPA will unleash Kosovo punitive Albanian battalions with the support of NATO and world public opinion, and the Macedonian army will surrender to these battalions, considering the news about the processing of prisoners for the body organs by Albanians a not credible conspiracy theory.

Anyway, everyone started talking about a civil war in Macedonia suddenly and almost in unison. And if this war will become reality and in case of failure of the anti-Maidan it will take place in one form or another, we will see a mirror reproduction of the situation in Ukraine and the new “hybrid” war in the Balkans. 

And then shooting Macedonian style will lose its purpose. Tanks, guns and grads will speak, but something whispers in my ear that the chances of Albanian punishers here are practically nil.

That is, when the naive Albanians will learn as Ukrainian soldiers recently learned – the promises of military aid from the United States and NATO was just a scam, a bait, that they were thrown in the fire as cannon fodder, a “hybrid” war will turn into something more.

For example into a liberation war of the Orthodox Slavs of former Yugoslavia against the fascist invaders – such as had already happened, and the Serbs, Montenegrians, Macedonians then fought shoulder to shoulder. And fought well!

So there is a tradition.

And there is someone to help – no wonder Russia is so insincerely praised in Europe and the USA for a new skill to conduct a “hybrid war” – of course we can, if life makes us, if different hybrids and monsters just keep coming, and without war you can’t stop them.

Macedonian Maidan is not as terrifying as it is traditionally painted. It can turn into another failure of ZOPA, and in such a delicate place for Europe where the Russians are loved and welcomed.

Another issue is that the script victorious for the brothers Slavs and Russia of a war on the Balkan Peninsula can not be acceptable to ZOPA, and its possibility is taken into account.

Therefore they might have something else up their sleeve, after all they over there, in ZOPA, are such entertainers!

But shooting Macedonian style must start now, history does not leave Russia a choice, whether to help Macedonia or not.

I recall my trip to Skopje six years ago. The PACE mission then was carefully guarded – and it was done Macedonian style.

Before the main entrance of the hotel “Holiday Inn” police cars parked for the night with policemen, some of whom were armed with Kalashnikovs.

The cops were bored, played cards, drank liquids from bottles, seeming like wine or brandy, but their faces were broad and masculine, with round and tight bellies. European deputies could sleep calmly under their wing.

Now their task is more difficult, armed fighters are arriving to Skopje, not only Albanians, and the cops will probably have no sleep.

But police are serious people, and, I think, they will say their word, if they are allowed to.

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