Kiev junta already blamed DPR for anticipated May 9 provocations


Donetsk May 9th parade rehearsal

May 6, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

The head of DPR Alexander Zackarchenko said earlier that DPR intelligence reported about Kiev preparing provocations in time for May 9 Victory day, beginning as early as May 8.

On May 5, the “ATO” speaker of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine, Colonel of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Andre Lysenko said that on May 9 the Donetsk militia is preparing provocations against the civilian population. “According to intelligence, the leaders of the “illegal armed groups” are preparing a bloody provocation, namely on Victory Day, May 9. The militants plan to fire at a peaceful demonstration in Donetsk. In this terrorist attack the enemy will accuse the forces of “anti-terrorist operation” in advance and will use the blood of peaceful civilians of Donbass as a pretext for a massive attack on Ukrainian positions in the area of Shirokino, Peski and Stanitsa Luganskaya,” — said Lysenko.


When has the Kiev junta ever cared about the lives of peaceful citizens of Donbass, who are dying from hunger due to Kiev’s blockade and from Kiev’s bombs? Are we supposed to believe Poroshenko ‘s change of heart after he declared that “children of Donbass will sit in the basements, while Ukrainian children will go to school”? 

And why provide details about anticipated hot spots?

Sounds like a timely immunization against cognitive dissonance for the faithful consumers of Ukrainian media, which junta’s opponents called a declaration of intent. 

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