Kiev junta is packing the bags


May 19, 2015

Alexander Dmitrievsky

Translated by Kristina Rus

Escape. This short word describes the state of the Ukrainian elite. Foreign advisers are actively quitting the junta government. Businessmen are taking their money out.

Just a few hours ago the honest heart of the Estonian girl Yanika Merilo could not stand the sad spectacle of what is happening in Ukraine , and she left the post of Deputy Minister of Economy. This is not the first case of this kind. Earlier the Ukro-American Alexander Borovik and a Georgian Jaba Ebanoidze had resigned. Even the infamous “hawk” John McCain had enough brain power to refuse to cooperate with Poroshenko regime.

The diagnosis needs no comment: the leak in the bowels of the Ukrainian ship has reached a critical level, when emergency has to be declared, and distress signals are sent across all channels. And clearly, the first to seek safety are rather intelligent, albeit unpleasant gray rodents.

At first, the appearance of foreign ministers and advisers was perceived by some part of Ukrainian society optimistically: finally the long-awaited European dream will come true. Even the overseas “Vikings”, who arrived at the leaky independent “Titanic” believed in their calling – to lead the people along the Baltic-Georgian path into the civilized world.

Alas, the dreams did not come true. Soon it became evident that exported from Tiflis, the head of the Ministry of Health does not understand anything about healthcare, and the hot Estonian girl is occupied with selfies in the “nude” genre instead of economy 

The invitees began to realize that they were called up as extras, in order to “just be used and abused”. And the purpose of their invitation was to summon Uncle Sam for another loan allegedly for debt service, but actually — for funneling it to the masters.

And as the hosts had everything covered, the  guests were to become the scapegoats, who had to be left not only with the guts, but with the bones. The most intelligent of the foreigners realized this, so they began to pack their suitcases.

The flight of foreign advisers cannot be considered desertion: it seems that the West had already given up on Ukraine, thereby giving the go-ahead to junta helpers to abandon positions. It seems that Ukraine is really being prepared for default, since advisors in the economic sector are leaving their posts: no one wants to be a scapegoat.

In parallel with the changes in the government, business capitals are actively moving around. For example, the former Donetsk oligarch Rinat Akhmetov made a decision to terminate operation of his own chain of gas stations “Parallel” and supermakets  “Brusnichka” on the territory of DPR and LPR. 

I think that Rinat Leonidovich took such a step for a reason. Most likely, the total and final separation of Donbass from Ukraine is already a done deal (no matter what nice words about autonomy  are used to sweeten the bitter pill!), and for such a wealthy man it is cheaper and easier to sacrifice Donbass assets than to acquire a reputation of a sponsor of “the rebels”.

No matter what, but the wisest people in Ukrainian politics and business already understand the inevitability of the collapse of the country, and are taking up seats on rescue boats. Some even have to give up part of their assets, but it’s a small price to pay. As they say in the East: “Praise God, that he took only the money!”

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