Kiev junta’s priorities in the event of defeat of Novorossia


Above: The life of a Kiev junta blogger, the maker of public opinion (from Sergii Ivanov’s Facebook page)

May 20, 2015

Sergii Ivanov

Translated by Kristina Rus

Below is a look at the future of Novorossia residents as dreamed by a Kiev junta blogger 

Lugansk rats are already fleeing, and it means that with high probability Ukraine will soon have to hold a dialogue with representatives of Donbass conglomeration [read: otherwise they are not worthy of a dialogue – KR], and you cannot get away from it.

And here the main thing is from our side to voice clear, non-negotiable conditions:

  • Military – civil administration and militarized law enforcement agencies
  • Special regime (curfew etc.)
  • Suspension of civil rights of all persons residing in the area affected by the occupation in regards to the right to elect and to be elected before the end of special personal inspections (Yes, we will have to shake up everyone)
  • Full halt of social benefits during the security clearance procedure, etc.

This are the priority steps. There should be many more, including the adoption by Parliament of the complete regulatory framework providing for the suspension of civil rights of activists and sympathizers of the “Russian spring” and the subsequent Russian occupation.

In turn, I, as a man who has the misfortune to be registered at a Lugansk address, am prepared to share all these restrictions together with my backward in large part countrymen.

I don’t know how I deserved it, but the bill for the stupidity of the majority is always paid jointly. It’s time to realize this. And not only by Lugandon [Lugandon is a deragoratory junta term for Lugansk, which rhymes with “gandon,” meaning “condom” in Russian – KR]


Here we have a fine specimen, who had floated to the top of the junta propaganda machine, who speaks perfect Russian and hates his fellow countrymen. Here he admits that the junta is fighting local residents, and admits that they are the majority. However his version of  justice is shutting their mouths by a dictatorship of a minority. And he is hardly bothered by the fact that his proposals are completely at odds with the Minsk agreement.   

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