Kiev pub “Punisher” serves “Fried Militiamen” and “Crimean Retirees” (video)


May 13, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Kiev pub “Punisher” serves “Fried Militiamen” – that’s the name the patriotic owners of the establishment gave to their plate with salmon.

The menu reflects all the key events of the recent history, including unification of Crimea and Russia.

For example, the guests are offered to try sirniki “Crimean Retiree” [referring to the opinion common in Ukraine that Crimean retirees sold out for the Russian pensions on a referendum – KR], sandwich “Cynical Bandera” and a beef steak “300 Strelkovtsi”.

Also on the menu – “The Polite Men” – the term with which the Western media has been frightening the entire Europe was given to frog legs.

It must be noted that not everyone in Kiev had appreciated the creativity of restaurant owners. Several printing companies refused to print the menu when seeing the names of the dishes. 

This is not a first incident. Earlier one of the schools in Nikolaev served pirozhki “Tanks to Moscow” and fruit punch “The Blood of Russian Babies.”

P.S. The video of the restaurant also shows a sign on the wall, with a chain hanging next to it, saying: “Rest area for slaves” [Russian people are often referred to as “slaves” of “Putin’s totalitarian regime” by Ukrainian russophobes.

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