Kwasniewski: Ukraine will return to Russia in its entirety and without bloodshed


Kwasniewski: Ukraine will return to Russia in its entirety and without bloodshed

By Russkiy Malchik

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

“In the foreseeable future, Russia may become one of the centers of the multipolar world that is being formed right now,” Aleksander Kwasniewski, a former president of Poland, said at a security conference in Prague. “The US will continue to play a major role, but they will never again be as powerful as they were in the last 20-30 years.”

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“Moscow will continue to exert economic pressure on Ukraine, it will utilize propaganda, will seek other means to get all of Ukraine back,” said Kwasniewski. He believes that in the scenario that Russia has in store for Ukraine, a new political leadership will be established in Kiev through Maidan No. 3. “This leadership will have nothing against Europe, but it will say: We are not dreaming about anything impossible. Our dreams are totally realistic. And Russia is that realistic dream,” predicted the former Polish president.

It was remarked a long time ago that as soon as Western officials become former officials, they get smart. Mr. Kwasniewski is an example. He went so far in the Czech Republic as to predict that his Washington masters will lose the status of global policeman. Rather unusual for a Pole. As far as Russia being one of the centers of the multipolar world, there’s nothing here to even comment, it’s that obvious. As is that the Baltic States should not even dream about Russia conquering them.

But when it comes to Ukraine, here Kwasniewski spoke as an apologist for the clever plans crafted by the treacherous Kremlin regime, assuring that Moscow wants all of Ukraine and without bloodshed. To use his own words, Russia is preparing “Maidan No. 3,” as a result of which Kiev will get a new leadership loyal to Moscow. That leadership’s position is laid out in an interesting way: “We are not dreaming about the impossible. Our possible dream is Russia.” In other words, pragmatic realists who have adjusted to the fact that without Russia Ukraine has no future. That statement reminds one of a certain Ukrainian politician close to Vladimir Vladimirovich. It may well be that it will be he who catches the collapsing and disintegrating Ukraine, returning it to Russia. But only after it passes all the rings of Hell.

It would seem that Mr. Kwasniewski has heard a thing or two from pro-Kremlin sources.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The original RIA article also notes that Russia has no intention of invading the Baltic states, and points out that Kwasniewski is a former member of the Polish United Workers’ Party of the Soviet era, and the only “post-communist” Polish president to serve two terms. I’m not sure whether Kwasniewski’s statement in Prague was meant as a warning or a reassurance, or perhaps a mixture of both. Because another way it could be restated is “don’t worry, Ukraine is a mess, too much of a mess for the EU to fix, but Russia will do it if we just let it, and stop worrying about imaginary Russian invaders.” Given that Kwasniewski was not noted for Russophobia during his political career, I suspect that’s the real thrust of his message. Because, ultimately, Russkiy Malchik is giving Kwasniewski a bit of a short shrift, given the he is one of the “good guys” of contemporary Polish politics.

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