Law and order Ukrainian style (video)


May 31, 2015

Kristina Rus

On May 29 a business dispute grew into an attack by the militants from pro-Maidan “Odessa self defense” on an office of one of the largest construction companies in Odessa, “Kador”, belonging to a Syrian businessman.

Allegedly the dispute started over a construction of a high-rise building in the city.

Armed men from “Odessa self defense” stormed the office, as police stood by and watched, and proceeded to attack the employees of the company inside.

The most important question is who’s business interests “Odessa self defense” is defending?

It’s clear that the line between business and civil authority in Ukraine, as well as between private security and government-backed armed gangs has been erased, and this is not good news for business owners not connected to the Kiev junta. The shrinking Ukrainian pie does not leave much to anyone without an official cover.   

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