Lugansk Victory Day Rehearsal! – Photos


May 7th, 2015 and “Truth About the situation in Ukraine” – Joaquin Flores

Lugansk People’s Republic, Novorossiya.

The rehearsal of the Victory Day Parade took place in Lugansk today.

“We are preparing for the parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. About 1,000 LPR servicemen will take part in it.” 

“They will represent all the units of the LPR people’s militia. To be exact, there will be motorized-rifle brigades, Cossack units as well as the units of the LPR Ministry of Internal Affairs and Cadet Corps.” 

“We invite all the residents and guests of our Republic to our parade. It will be spectacular and impressive. And it is the first parade of the LPR which will be shown to the whole world, because, as you know, there is a great interest to our Republic.” 

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“We also invited the OSCE, the Red Cross and the UN so that they would understand that we are not gangs, we are the people who defend their families and our Republic,” – deputy commander of the corps of the LPR people’s militia Vitaly Kisilev said.

“Therefore, we invite all residents and guests of our Republic to the parade. It will be spectacular, it will be impressive, and this is the first parade, which will be shown to the whole world, because they themselves know perfectly well – and they will take great interest, and many countries will watch the Parade of the new republic, “- said Kozlov.

He noted that the participation in the parade of the Cadet Corps is an important component of the work of the Republic, of the patriotic education of young people and the training of future defenders of the Motherland.

“Cadet Corps is supported by us, we have a full understanding, we bring them to a number of activities, and directly to the parade, and the landfill was exported, so that the children learn” – said Kozlov.

He also noted that parade will be attended by representatives of international organizations, so that they have the opportunity to witness the mood of people, and then make sure that all the military equipment, which will take part in the parade, will be assigned to their places of permanent deployment in accordance with the Minsk Agreement.

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