Russian Army received the first Ratnik system delivery


May 23, 2015

Russian Army received the first Ratnik system delivery

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The first production batch of the Ratnik soldier equipment system was delivered to troop units, Dmitriy Semizorov, the General Director of the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Machinebuilding which developed the system, told TASS. 

“The first series production batch was already delivered,” he said. Additional batches will be delivered as soon as they are completed.

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The Russian MOD is planning to purchase 50 thousand Ratnik sets a year, with the eventual increase in pace of deliveries to 70 thousand per year. The Ratnik system includes more than 40 elements, including individual weapons, aiming and protection systems, as well as communications, navigation, and target acquisition/indication equipment. 

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