May 2nd is the Point of No Return: Odessa is not forgotten! Odessa will not be intimidated!


May 3, 2015

Translated by Alya Rea (from

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May 2nd
is the day when the neo-Nazis came to realize their power and impunity. On that day, something
happened that no sane person could even imagine. People whose position was different
from the new Ukrainian government have paid with their own lives just for their
opinions. In an inhuman fashion, they were burned alive; they were finished off
by the feet and batons; they were shot at by firearms; and Molotov cocktails
were thrown at them. The crowd has cheered the killers. The murder has given
them the pleasure. Raging juvenile criminals knew all too well what they are doing. They went too
far, you say? After all, they are
just children? They were children before they killed a man. Now, they
are the criminals and the trials are in store for them. Sooner or later,
everyone will pay for what they did.

It is exactly
then, a year ago, when I first realized that I do not want in any way to be
associated with the Ukrainians. I do not want to be a ruthless killer and a
Nazi. If I were there, I would not throw bricks at a pregnant woman nor pour
petrol into the bottles, and I certainly would not throw these bottles at my
fellow citizens to set them on fire. My conscience would not allow this to
happen. I was not the one who gave these people their lives, and it was not up
to them to take them away. So, what right did these degenerates have to do this? Who gave them permission to do
this? What idea if any could even justify such barbarous means? Do they have
anything human inside them? Is there a conscience, a soul, a heart? Who are
these people? And, are they real people after all?

I can say that
the Donbass is with Odessa, and it is exactly from that day on when our
confrontation has grown into something more than we had originally planned. May
2nd has become the point of no return. It is only then when we all understood
whom we are dealing with. It is impossible to reach agreement with these “people.”
Unfortunately, we have tried to do this, but, as our experience has shown,
these decisions were wrong. However, the Donbass didn’t fall and will never
fall. We are free and independent as ever. Odessa, Kharkov, Mariupol,
and other Ukrainian cities will be free too. We will win, and we will punish
all. Not even one victim will be forgiven. Justice will prevail, and then the
clouds will disperse and the sun, once again, will shine brightly over us, and
we will say: “The nightmare is over!”

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