May 9th: All Those for Whom it is a Victory Day have gathered in Moscow. The Aggrieved Parties Stayed Home.


By Vadim Demchenko

May 9, 2015

Translated by Alya Rea (source:

Perhaps never before had there been such frankness in relation to the
Victory Day in the international community. The world is divided into those who came to Moscow, and those who did not. And this division
says it all. The thanks
are due to the representatives of
the West, who have finally
confessed that this day [70 years ago]
was not their victory. It was
their defeat.

Let’s be
honest and admit that, for
Europe, the purpose of the war was to chase the Russians – not even beyond
Mozhai but much farther – beyond the Ural Mountains. Russia had never managed
to fit into the western model of the world, neither under the Bolsheviks, nor under the tsar. By
means of its unwillingness to be
associated with the backwardness and the third world and by half-witted search
for its own way, not only Russia precluded the development of natural resources on a significantly large part of the
planet, but it has also served as a very bad example to the others. Even back
in the 15th century, the British businessmen had complained to Ivan Vasilyevich
(Ivan the Terrible), the last tsar of the Rurik dynasty, about local fellows
who did not want to give up the colonial goods for a pittance. Moreover, even
Vasilyevch himself caused a lot of concern – he called himself a brother to a
civilized queen, even tried to woo her, and dared to give some advices.

It lasted for 500 years. Europe could not accept the horde of
uncivilized barbarians, and also it could not leave them
out – after all, they are too big and dangerous. And time after time Europe rushed into new crusades, as
it was in the past against another competitor, Byzantium.
Now, of course, the Russians
were not called as such [competitors], but the goals were the same. And here Adolf [Aloizych Hitler],
the “genius” of the German people, have managed to fit in
up to their own cockroaches, so to speak. Well,
you remember – the Jews, the subhumans, the living space … They had to close their eyes on certain details, had to help the short corporal to spread out by means of small Anschlusses. And, as
they say, Drang nach Osten, the
push toward … You know where.

Of course, it could
not be done without some comic songs – all these European
wars in Belgium, Holland,
France, Denmark, Norway looked more as coquettish girls joining in a serious
relationship with a respectable gentleman.
Furthermore, they had to create an
alibi. After all, the handling of the Jews had turned to be a bad business…

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Among those who seriously resisted was the old Britain, but it had its own interest – the second
place in the post-war system.
After the United States –
if they fling
themselves into battle and break Fuhrer’s neck, or
after Germany, if the United
States chose to hide out overseas.
By no means, there wasn’t any threat of actual destruction of Britain. Therefore, Chamberlain and Churchill had fussed around Hitler no less
than Ribbentrop and Daladier.

Speaking of Europeans, I do not mean just ordinary citizens – I
am constantly forced to explain
myself in order to get rid of the silly accusations – but the general vector of European geopolitics. The only country which was threatened to be destroyed during World War II was the USSR. All in
all, at the end of World War I, there was a significant
effort to derail Russia, but now the
question was posed point-blank. That
is why neither Czechoslovakia nor Poland could accept the assistance of the
country that was slated for destruction.

But the fate has
decreed otherwise. Raised
sword was taken away and it was thrust directly into the throat of the enemy,
right in its lair. The
gigantic price in human lives and devastated territory (right now, I do not
want to sort out where were the mistakes, failures or crimes of the USSR
government – Ed.) was paid for this victory, despite the help of our allies,
the world’s major powers. Looking
back in history, I understand that these sacrifices were needed for better
compliancy of the USSR during postwar world order. This
is why the “allies” had dragged with the second front, and this is why Germany was
so quickly restored. Not to see these
facts means the failure to understand history.

The current
international political situation is too reminiscent of badgering of the Soviet Union right before World War
II. And
this is why for a Western leader to visit Moscow is, once again, to be reminded
about the outcome of the attempts to put Russia on its knees – so actively being
urged from overseas – and to recall the price in European people’s lives of the
previous attempt. Also,
to frankly acknowledge that while the Allies on the Western Front messed
around with 11 divisions of Hitler,
on the Eastern Front the USSR sent to the fields of Valhalla – 200. This is a
bad motivation for the current generation of revanchists.

That is why the world leaders have determined their positions for
themselves. All those for whom May
9 is a Victory Day have gathered
in Moscow, while the aggrieved parties have crawled into the
dark corners…

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