Militia-Deputy Igor Mosiychuk “Congratulated” Ukraine on the Anniversary of the Murders at the Trade Union House


May 3rd, 2015
 – adapted from Novorosinform by Joaquin Flores – 

All truly civilized people remember the tragedy of the May 2nd Odessa massacre, the burning and murder of concerned citizens of the city, in the House of Trade Unions. In the meantime, the Nazis of “the Ukrainian authorities”, its adherents and protectors. named this day “the Day of Victory over the Russian occupiers and their collaborators.” For these non-humans today, this is a “holiday” that they remember and are proud of. One of the guilty participants of the murders, the soulless Igor Mosiychuk, “Deputy” of the Verkhovna Rada of Lyashko’s “Radical Party”, commented on the memorable day. T

The translation: “May 2nd is a landmark day for Odessa, including for Ukraine as a whole. On May 2 last year, Ukrainian patriots defended Ukrainian Odessa from invaders and collaborators. Without fear for their own lives and safety, our patriots wiped evil spirits from Odessa, and affirmed the place as the southern Ukrainian outpost in the Black Sea. Then there was a war with the separatists and occupiers in the Donbass. There were victories and defeats. There was plenty of heroism and victory. But the first victory for Ukraine’s fight with the ancient enemy, our Odessa patriots won in defending your city from the enemy. I Remember! I am proud! Congratulations, gentlemen! “- Wrote Igor Mosiychuk.

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