Mozgovoy’s associates created a new spetsnaz “Pechersk” battalion tasked with eliminating heads of the Kiev junta


“Ghost” brigade slogan: “Don’t fear for your skin, fear for your honor!”

May 30, 2015

Kharkov Partizans

Translated by Kristina Rus

Associates and colleagues of the murdered “Ghost” brigade commander  Alexey Mozgovoy announced about the formation of a separate special purpose reconnaissance and sabotage battalion “Pechersk”, which will be named after the deceased commander, and also announced about the recruitment of volunteers into the newly formed battalion. 

The statement appeared on the Internet. The fighters set the goals to eliminate the leaders of the Kiev junta and “intend to liberate Ukraine from the stranglehold of the oligarchs, corrupt officials and all who sold out the interests of the people. The only source of power should be the people. We therefore call on all our supporters and all to whom our ideas are dear to join us”, – said the officers. 

“Today, the officer backbone of our battalion has been created. We need volunteers. We need volunteers who have military training, or have combat experience. Preferably spetsnaz, preferably intelligence, preferably spetsnaz VDV. We take the responsibility to eliminate the leaders of the Nazi junta, wherever they are. At any time of day or night, in any weather, at any point in Ukraine. We also undertake the responsibility to support the anti-Nazi underground movement in their resistance against the Nazi junta and to provide them with our full support”.

KR: I think those who thought they will weaken the resistance in Novorossia by killing Mozgovoy were gravely mistaken…

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