Mozgovoy’s killer from group “Shadows” posted new details of the murder on Facebook


Alexander Gladky, Mozgovoy’s killer

May 27, 2015

Alexander Gladky (Facebook)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Remarkable, a person with a Russian name is bragging in Russian about killing another Russian, Brzezinski’s dream …

“We do not choose destiny, she chooses us”. These are the words of my old friend and sworn brother Vitaly Ukraintsev, killed in Peski.

Our choice is how we will pass life’s exams.

These words is my answer to all tireless orcs, trolls, vatniki and other Sharikovs [derogatory term for a Russian person, based on a popular character – KR]. For us the choice is clear – it’s either us or you. The end result is – us,  Donbass, our land, Ukraine.

You are not able to give nothing but slavery and degradation to amoebas. Therefore, your attempts to slander and tarnish the resistance of the best part of Donbass residents, is doomed by definition. 

Sharikovs cannot give the world anything but crappy lobbies.

The war with Chechnya ended for Russia with huge retributions to Chechnya. 

War with Ukraine will bury Russia. The [email protected] [ref. to Putin – KR] did for Russians as much as all her enemies couldn’t do together in two centuries. But you will never understand it.

About all the projects which we had worked on and which we did not talk about – I will talk about at the right time and place. 

We only talk about what we took part in and present it in the suitable form. We believe we will win.

Don’t try to understand or analyze, it will not work, your “Mosca” [“brain”, which sounds similar to Moscali – Moscovites – KR] doesn’t have such function, as time has shown.

Your destiny – degradation and decay.

Our goal is to have patience and help you speed up this process.


Supplementary information on the [Mozgovoy] operation.

The group “Shadows” came out on a raid in a “free hunting” mode.

“…On the exit from Mikhaylovka planted two mines MON 50 near a fork on the way out of the town. The site was chosen similarly to the previous work of the group [possibly referring to the previous failed Mozgovoy assassination attempt on March 7 – KR] since the greenery hides the turn, on the other side – the tailings, behind which are the Russian armed forces. 

On the right side was a wrecked minivan, which gave the opportunity for one fighter from the group to lay down in close proximity to the road, sheltered by the van from the explosion of our own MONs…

In the raid we used AK with 7.62 bullets, MON, grenades.

After receiving information from the “look-out” on the movement of cars with fighters in our direction, and when the car approached, the explosion was triggered.

After the explosion of a car with Mozgovoy, with him was his press secretary, a driver and two guards, the car was fired upon with machine gun fire from two sides. Three cartridges of bullets were released.

A fighter with the callsign “O…” threw a grenade at a VAZ and shot the accompanying car from two cartridges. I and the fighter with callsign “W…” after working on the car of Mozgovoy confirmed his elimination, he was in the car in the second row on the left side behind the driver. Joined the shooting at the VAZ and left the place of work. Laid in the area of the tailings and when the psychosis of the fighters had passed moved towards our territory…

Tailings border a base, so it’s the safest place, no one thought we were going towards the enemy. 

The Russian armed forces conducted mortar fire of the perimeter, except for their base, which gave us the opportunity to escape. In the VAZ there were three people…

Chevrolet Takuma – 50 meters from the turn on the left side of the road….

150 m away – our damaged APC, from a long time ago…

Did not work on the Chevrolet, not clear who and why wrecked it….”

Glory To Ukraine.

KR: Why he put the details in quotes – to quote himself from another message, or another person, or simply to separate from the rest of the text – is not clear.

And Gladky posted this earlier on May 24:

Mozgovoy was blown up remotely with two MON 50 at 18:48 near Mykhailovka on the turn of the route Perevalsk – Lugansk. Moving from Stakhanov.

From the explosion 3 people died immediately with Mozgovoy, and three were finished from two (7.62 mm) AKs.

“..Mons worked simultaneously, the left side, where Mozgovoy sat in the back got most of it…he was mangled immediately by the explosion, but still grunted, gave two rounds, stopped grunting…”

“…Toyota SUV, color khaki, tinted glass, …in the back, it worked on the rear axle … only three got out in the front and we put them down, may be there were more bodies in the car, so they say 7 people were in the negative with Mozgovoy, but I counted from my side, could clearly see him, but in the back it was a bloody mess…

There was a support Chevrolet SUV, it fell behind and did not come out of the turn. We immediately left, there was a town nearby and prusaki moved out of there, there are about 100 people there…. Went towards Lotikovo, then did a detour and through a town … “

A reward of 300 thousand USD was declared for the heads. Too cheap.

And $100,000 for the info… This amount should be transferred to the Defense Fund of Ukraine. Promised? Pay up, Donbass doesn’t bluff, right?!))

Glory To Ukraine

KR: Speculation about Mozgovoy’s murder was to be expected. I think differences among the leaders of Novorossia in a time of war are to be expected, but do they warrant a murder? We should not loose sight that a culprit just West of LPR and DPR  has already declared intent and determination to commit such acts. This is all they can do at this point, and they will not cease to pursue their mission, just as they cannot resist bragging about it on Facebook. 

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