Odessans prepared ties for the new fugitive Georgian governor of Odessa


May 30, 2015

Kristina Rus

In his most outrageously stupid move yet Poroshenko appointed the Georgian fugitive ex-president Mikhail Saakashvili a governor of Odessa region after granting him Ukrainian citizenship. 

Mikhail Saakashvili in Odessa

Odessans, known across the former USSR for their special Odessa brand of humor, hung ties around the city and brought some ties to the Odessa regional administration building, which will become the office of the new governor, who became infamous for his tie-chewing stunt.

Some observers point to the escalation around Transnistria, which borders the Odessa region as a reason for the appointment of a politician with a track record of unfreezing military conflicts.    

The appointment was a gift for social media creativity, which we will keep you posted on. 

Фото Игоря Кудрявцева.

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