Oleg Tsarev: I helped reconcile Bolotov and Mozgovoy (video)


May 24, 2015

Oleg Tsarev, Rusvesna

Chairman of Novorossia parliament

Translated by Kristina Rus

Oleg Tsarev: In Memory Of Alexei Mozgovoy

Alexey Mozgovoy is gone. He was killed.

You could agree or disagree with Alexey, you could argue with him. But most importantly — he was sincere.

What he did and said came from the heart. Without a doubt, he was a romantic. Alexey was reliable. I would go on a recon mission with Alexey [a Russian saying, meaning I would entrust this person with my life – KR]

Alexey had an uneasy relationship with the old and with the new leadership of the Republic, because he was direct and principled. I remember I once had to help reconcile him and Bolotov. But I never had issues with him. He never hid or tried to sit it out. He was one of the first to form his division in Luganshina [Lugansk region]. He was one of the few representatives of Luganshina, who sent his unit to Slavyansk to help Strelkov. After the first assassination attack he could have left. Could stay alive, but didn’t leave. Did not hide.

Almost every day my comrades die. Politicians, journalists, the militia. Die in Kiev and in Donbass. I am grieving for Alexey. Grieving for you, my comrades.

Video script: 

May 6, 2014

Bolotov: At this moment all the provocative statements that I, Bolotov, and Mozgovoy had some kind of falling out, or acted against each other – this is not true. We always acted purposefully, in parallel and in cohort.

Mozgovoy: Finally we dealt with those who carry out provocations against those who try to do something to get rid of fascism, choking us, I think now we will have real progress in our matters. By the way, dear citizens, if someone is presenting themselves as our representatives, please ask them to personally call Bolotov or Mozgovoy. 

Tsarev: We will carry out a brutal merciless battle against the bandits, provocateurs and robbers who use the cover of the name of the People’s Republic.

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