OPG “Right Sector” and “Azov” Received Instructions for the Overthrow of the Junta


May 17th, 2015  

By: Vasily Cherkassov for Novorosinform, translattion – Joaquin Flores

It seems radical militants tied to “Azov” and OPG (mafias) “Right Sector” prepared for another coup in Ukraine against the Junta. Formerly incarcerated terrorist Dmitry Savchenko wrote for the “benefit” for extremists. According to him,  there is no legal proposal to “protect the unity of Ukraine”, and the trend is ostensibly that no one will.

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Last weekend, on the bases of radical groups “Right Sector” and “Azov” was a presentation of the book with a great name “Kiev City Junta.” These kinds of events are not widely reported in the Ukrainian media, which is not surprising.


The author of the book, Dmitry Savchenko, was released to freedom after serving 10 years in prison under charges of “terrorism”.  Now the former prisoner actively travels in Ukrainian cities openly advocating fascism, and participated in the meetings under the administration of Poroshenko, and wrote a book, which he himself describes as extremist. It is noteworthy that the books were distributed to participants of punitive battalions for free. This suggests that someone is willing to sponsor such publications.

In light of the recent conflict with APU units by armed gangs who do not wish to submit to the Ministry of Defense, the distribution of just such guidelines on forcible seizure of power seems to be quite unique.

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