Opinion: The best result of last year is consolidation of Russian elites before global challenges


May 25, 2015

Pavel Shipilin

Translated by Kristina Rus

Optimist Karaganov

This interview with “Banks and Business World” is not so much informative, as curious. Basically, because Sergei Karaganov, whom many, including myself, have always treated with suspicion, in recent times behaves as an intelligent patriot, whom we should listen to. In my opinion, he demonstrates the constructive opposition, which we desperately need.

“For a quarter century, the country has accumulated invaluable experience of survival in harsh conditions. Yes, we lost part of the territory and assets, but at the same time got rid of the need to subsidize socialist countries, most of the former Soviet republics and to maintain a monstrous war machine. While keeping the country, control over natural resources and high defense capabilities. We got rid of the ideological blinders and illusions — as towards adversaries and towards partners. And this new awareness of ourselves and the surrounding world — is the most important result of last year. And recent public opinion polls conducted under sanctions, increased prices and increasing uncertainty, only confirmed the willingness of the majority of the elite and society to fight for the interests of the country, even if they have to sacrifice a part of their own wealth. Believe me, this means a lot. Therefore my assessment is optimistic: never before has Russia been so focused and had such a strong position before global challenges.

It’s nice when your own feelings coincide with the feelings of such a tested liberal, right?

Kristina Rus:

This is just one example of “unintended consequences” of  aggressive Western politics against Russia, which produced exactly the opposite result. Instead of dividing the country, it pushed the “intelligent opposition” to consolidate with the Russian mainstream for a common goal to overcome the Western threat, while the grant eating opposition completely lost any legitimacy and respect.

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