Poland is dumping Poroshenko


 Poland is dumping Poroshenko

By nyka_huldra

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

 Alarm bells are beginning to ring for Poroshenko. The newly elected president of Poland Andrzej Duda refused to meet with him even though Poroshenko is visiting Warsaw. According to Duda’s staff, the new Polish leader is too busy. He may be going to Brussels to a Europarliament session where he is a deputy.

Yet earlier it was announced that Duda’s meeting with Poroshenko would be his first international contact after the election. Now it’s clear that during his Warsaw visit Poroshenko will only meet with the “outsider” Komorowski who is living out the last days of his presidency. This information was confirmed by the presidential administration which added that the two presidents will jointly watch the final match of European League between Dnepr and Seville.

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Russian Duma International Affairs Committee Chair Aleksey Pushkov wrote on his twitter account that the cancellation of the Duda-Poroshenko meeting is a “blow to Kiev”, adding that “Duda, unlike Komorowski, is no fan of OUN-UPA.” Moreover, Duda’s refusal to meet with Poroshenko “is meant to show the latter his place.”

On the other hand, Duda is also good at figuring out which way the wind blows. He already understands that Washington is looking for a replacement to the spineless Poroshenko. This problem-ridden personality no longer satisfies his benefactors, therefore we can stop wasting time on him regardless of rules of decency.

The “dark horse” Duda knows how to be independent (which of course does not pertain to the boss from across the ocean). It was also announced that he left the Law and Justice party which after all helped him win. The newly elected president said that leaving the party was for him, as the leader of Poland, a natural move.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Yes, this is a somewhat big deal. Everything now points in the direction of a managed Ukrainian default and collapse and an equally managed regime change. And to think that even on the campaign trail Duda was speaking in terms of sending Polish troops to fight in Ukraine…

Update: Poroshenko just cancelled his trip to Warsaw. I guess he’ll be watching the Dnepr game alone.

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