Poroshenko promises to “liberate Donetsk airport” in violation of the Minsk agreement


May 12, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus


“At the premiere of the documentary film “The Airport” Poroshenko promised to liberate Donetsk airport…”

The head of the faction “Poroshenko Bloc” in the Verkhovna Rada, Yuriy Lutsenko is strongly against granting Donbass any form of autonomy or any other broader powers over the other areas of Ukraine.

This means the denunciation of “Minsk” and that’s understandable. Whatever Mr. Kerry says, for this sector of the junta a real end of the war is akin to death. In the best case, just political. So I am still convinced that a war is inevitable. And the States will pretend not to notice, and will very patiently wait for the moment, when the time comes to release the new clowns to the stage.

The new clowns are already in the “pipeline“, ready to prove to their owners that they will cope with the problems not worse, but better then the bastard candy man, and if Petka [Poroshenko] will allow himself another failure, “Option #2” will become inevitable, and the new clowns will serve Mr. Payette not worse than the old ones. This is not even hidden: 

“We consider Crimea an exclusively Ukrainian territory… the country needs decentralization, not autonomy, not federalization but decentralization” – Opposition Bloc.

Thus, until at least one putschist remains in Kiev, no matter what color, the Ruin [Russian: Ruina rhymes with Ukraina] will remain Russia’s enemy, and there will be no peace. There will be at most a truce before the next war, and not to consider this fact is stupid.

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