Putin Holds his Father’s Picture: The Immortal’s March (photos + video)


May 9th, 2015
Joaquin Flores

Happy Victory Day, Fort Russ friends! 

Transcript of the interview:

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the ‘Immortal Regiment’ initiative’s importance, while marching with over 300,000 people in Moscow’s Red Square, Saturday. “It was born not in cabinets, nor in administrative structures, but in the hearts of our people,” Putin told the interviewer. 

SOT, Journalist questioning (in Russian): “With clear tears and joy, and this cherished memory, why have you decided to join this march?”

Vladimir Putin, Russian President (in Russian): “The value of this initiative is that it was not born in cabinets, nor in administrative structures, but in the hearts of our people! This shows the respect, with which we relate to the generations who protected our country; this shows and is the sign of the fact that we will hold high the plank they set. But also this tells us about our self-assurance, self-confidence and the happy future of our children!”

Question.: “You are going with the portrait of your father?”

Putin: “Yes”

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Question: “These metres you walked on the Red Square among these people, who were bound in honour to come here and take a place in a line, where were their grandfathers, great-grandfathers, their fathers, grandmothers, mothers… What were you thinking about at that moment?” 

Putin: “Yes, indeed. You are right. I wasn’t able to not think about it. I’ve captured myself on this thought. I think that my father, as well as the millions and millions of average Soviet soldiers, was just a simple soldier, he had a right to march across this square, but the destiny was so that not everyone was able to walk down the Red Square. And I am very happy that also my father together with me now, here, in my hands, is his portrait. And hundreds of others and thousands, of other average people, average soldiers, workers of the home front, may now appear on the Red Square. Let it be even just in photography of their relatives. But they had deserved it.”

A reader, Ollie Richardson from the UK, has grabbed these screen-caps for us of Putin’s participation in the immortal’s march. 

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