Russian Blogosphere Survey for May 8, 2015



May 8, 2015

Russian Blogosphere Survey for May 8, 2015

By J.Hawk

This is the 33rd edition of the feature. To view other editions, click on the Daily Brief tab above the title.


Why Israel is turning toward Russia

 The recent Putin-Netanyahu telephone discussion in which the Israeli leader apparently agreed not to supply weaponry to Ukraine suggests there might be a deeper understanding between the two countries. Even US publications like Bloomberg and Forbes noted the development. It is easy to see Israel’s motivation as consisting of the perception that the weakening US hegemon is losing its influence over the Middle East and the region is slipping into chaos, but any lasting Russia-Israel alliance would need to take into account Israel’s concern with Iran and the Shia movements in the region. So have the two leaders reached an understanding of some sort?

Russia and China are burning bridges

 Not with each other, but with the West. Not only are the two countries expanding bilateral trade (without the use of the dollar) and collaborating on the Asian Infrastructure Bank, but they are even thinking in terms of a military alliance. The big uniting factor is the shared perception of hostile Western intentions and policies toward the two major Eastern powers. 

Russia and Turkey tested a jointly developed short-range air defense system

 The system in question is the Strelets, capable of being mounted on a variety of armored vehicle chassis and of using different missile types, including NATO-standard ones used by Turkey. This appears to be the first sign of the expanding scope of military cooperation between Russia and Turkey, and Oboroneksport representatives indicate there are several other projects in the works.

Politicheskaya Rossiya is creating a popular control system in the regions

“The new official signed without taking a bribe”

Political Russia’s new project is no doubt recognition of the fact that one of the useful services rendered by people like Navalnyy (whose blog is the most-read and most-cited in Russia) is uncovering genuine corruption and abuse of authority in places high and low. That is the essence of his appeal, and it also shows there aren’t enough means of uncovering such abuses.

Donbass War coming to an end?

 The most recent Minsk contact group meeting was interesting in that the Undead Kiev actually deigned to negotiate with the “terrorists” of DPR and LPR, and moreover the two sides formed four working groups to deal with specific issue areas. LPR head Pushilin, in particular, referred to the talks as a “breakthrough.” So maybe there is a glimmer of hope after all.

Supporters of arrested Nazis are threatening Avakov’s son

Several mental cases self-proclaimed Ukrainian patriots who are outraged about the arrests of the individuals apparently responsible for the killing of Kiev police officers have posted very detailed personal information about the MVD minister Avakov’s son. Not that they are openly calling for retribution, but at the same time they are hinting it might not be a bad thing if something were to happen to him.

UAF deserters and draft evaders face severe restrictions

“Guys, what sport is this? Running from the army.”

The sanctions being discussed include banning deserters and evaders from owning land, borrowing money, entering public service of any kind, etc. The inhabitants of the western Ukrainian city of Tarnopol, where the news was published by a local newspaper, could not conceal their joy irritation at the fact that the sons of people with political pull aren’t even likely to get a draft notice in the first place. The Sovetskiy Blogpost notes that the article did not elicit a single comment in praise of mobilization. Evidently Western Ukraine thinks it’s best that maybe other regions ought to be doing the dying.

“Separatist” trends on the rise in Nikolayev and Kherson regions of Ukraine

Ukrainian analysts note, in their most recent assessment of the situation, that there have been no major changes except in Kherson and Nikolayev Regions, where the pro-Russian sentiment and anti-Kiev government has increased.


Power of Siberia construction begins

The chronicles of an economy in a dive, pt. 19

Kiev government hopes that it will earn $20 billion through Hunger Games privatization of state enterprises, mainly in the energy sector. However, Kiev will need every penny since, consistent with austerity policy effects in the EU, cutting spending actually made Ukraine’s budget deficit worse, as belatedly noted by the Ministry of the Economy. The NBU is introducing ever-more draconian measures to control the hryvnya exchange rates, with the effect of accelerating the country’s capital flight.

Ukraine’s tourism has collapsed while Crimea’s prospers

Even the turbulent 2014 was good for Crimea’s tourism industry. While the number of tourists was only 70% of the 2013 level, tourism revenue was significantly higher (up to a factor of 4) due to the greater affluence of Russian tourists. The trend is likely to continue this year, as the weakened ruble makes domestic Russian tourism more attractive financially (one of the reasons EU members are have objections to sanctions). Conversely, while Ukrainian officials were predicting a boom in internal tourism, the ritual seppuku reforms carried out by the Yatsenyuk government led to such an impoverishment of the Ukraine’s population that the 2015 tourist season is expected to be the worst in recorded history.


AK-74M upgrade details

Since it’s unlikely that light sabers the AK-12 will be procured in sufficient quantities to replace all of the AK-74s, at least not in the foreseeable future, the AK-74 will soldier on with continued upgrades.

Rehearsing the aerial component of the parade

 Aerial rehearsal, photographed from the ground

T-14 malfunction during the general rehearsal

One of the T-14s “died” right on the Red Square during the general rehearsal. The main problem with the vehicles is that they are still new and experimental, while their military driver-mechanics only have experience with vehicles currently in service, hence the occasional mishap. However, as the video shows, the T-14 left the Red Square under its own power two minutes after the mishap. The problem seems to have been with the vehicle’s transmission, or its improper use by the driver. A T-15 experienced  a similar problem at a different location and had to be evacuated on a flatbed trailer.

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T-14 and T-15 on display at Red Square

DPR Azov flotilla

Training for amphibious assaults, I see???

LPR aviation update

LPR’s lone X-wing Su-25 is apparently fixed up, fueled-up, bombed-up, and ready to go!


Moscow in photographs, Part 64. Tver Boulevard, 1888

 The Fall of Berlin in photographs

Seasonal upheaval in the zoo

 The graphic above purports to show the number of Ukrainians in the allied armies of WW2. Aside from engaging in some very questionable accounting (I suspect many, possibly most people identified as Red Army Ukrainians might be surprised, even outraged, at such a classification), and omitting the incovenient fact that the “120 thousand” Ukrainians of the Polish Army were the first to desert once the fighting started on September 1, by what logic is UPA classified as an allied force? Although the UPA-troopa on the poster above is correctly shown stabbing the Polish soldier in the back…

UPA Kubelwagen reaches Krasnoarmeysk

So on the one hand you have UAF dressed up in Red Army uniforms (though I can’t tell if they are wearing Red Star badges on their uniforms), but on the other you have a Kubelwagen with Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler “key on a shield” marking on the fender. Does any other country have similar trouble figuring out on which side of WW2 it was?

Ukrainian heroes, the “participants of anti-Hitler coalition” 

 Ukrainian soldiers of the 116 Schutzmannschaft Battalion on leave in Berlin. The truth of the matter is that the only Ukrainians who fought in the name of a Ukraine were individuals like those on the photograph. The “good Ukrainians” took an oath to defend the peoples of the USSR, one and all.

Life and Society

“Obama: the murderer of Syria, Iraq,Yugoslavia, Libya”

From a political event in St. Petersburg.

America’s Red Guards: May 1 event at the White House

“Polite tanks” in Washington

A protest by Russian film students against US foreign policy and pressure not to attend the Victory Parade.


“It’s hard to be a Ukrainian historian these days, because if UPA was part of the anti-Hitler coalition, it means they were acting hand-in-hand with Stalin, right?”

“And now Petya will pretend he’s a tiger!”


“Nope, still a pig!”

“As soon as Armata was unwrapped the dollar got cheaper, oil price went up, and they admitted the Boeing was shot down by the Ukrainians!”

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