Russian-Chinese New World Order. Part 1. The End of the Market


May 12, 2015

Mikhail Delyagin

Translated by Kristina Rus

The familiar world has crumbled. Russia and China must create a new one. About the need to unite the potential of both countries

The article is based on the report at the scientific-practical conference “China and Russia in a changing world” in Beijing, on May 4, 2015.

Basic trends of global development: the end of the market

We live in an amazing, beautiful, incredibly interesting time when all the usual rules and norms are crumbling, new ones are emerging, and the possibilities of historical creativity are limitless, although are costly.

The global economic crisis masks the transition of humanity into a qualitatively new state. Information technology is changing the nature of development: if previously we had changed the world around us, today we increasingly change our perception of this world (as the most cost effective type of business is formation of consciousness). If a mass application of biotechnology will begin, we will change our physical selves.

The motivations of society had changed: people began to consciously sacrifice their interests for the sake of emotions. Satisfaction of basic material needs made sensory starvation the main problem of society: the motivation for action became a deficiency of not material or spiritual goods, but of emotions.

Nations took a subordinate position in relation to global business and the global managerial class, expressing its interests, which became the most influential force in the world.

The high productivity of information technology needs fewer people for the production of goods consumed by mankind. At the same time, the rise of global businesses over the states had already made dominant the logic of efficiency not from the point of view of a society, but an individual company. Therefore, the problem of unemployed people, released due to high technologies, is not considered, as it is viewed as a society problem, and not a company problem.

The result is dehumanization (since a person has become unwanted and ceased to be a tool for making profits and is no longer needed by the most influential forces in the world) and social utilization of the middle class even in developed countries (which owns the maximum gap between goods produced and consumed, and has no influence to defend itself).

It destroys traditional democracy (existing on behalf and in the name of the middle class), replacing it with information dictatorship in the interests of global business.

The liquidation of the middle class also destroys the market economy (as it produces the most significant demand, and a market without demand – is not a market).

The expiration of market relations is manifested in the fact that profit ceased to serve even as a poor substitute for the meaning of life. The only alternative is personal development, but it is difficult path, rejecting commercial motivation. So the West has found a temporary solution in a disposal of “excess” population. But this decision can only be temporary due to its inhumanity. This is not our path: not Russian and not Chinese.

Money loses value, replaced by technology not only as a symbol and a tool of social success, but also as a direct carrier and an medium of the most important public relations.

Technologies are encompassing and absorbing capital the same way as capital had once absorbed gold as a medium of social relations. Meanwhile the most important technology is that of control over senses of the masses, and the weight of familiar to us manufacturing technologies is inexorably declining.

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