Russian Foreign Ministry: Austria Interested in an Early Normalization of Relations with Russia


May 3rd, 2015

From RT Russia – translated by Joaquin Flores

Austria is opposed to the long confrontation with Russia and increasing sanctions pressure.  The statement was made by the Russian Foreign Ministry, in connection with the forthcoming May 4-5 visit to Moscow by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Austria, Sebastian Kurz.

“In the wake of the overall EU led policy on Ukraine, Austria is nevertheless among the opponents of a long confrontation with Russia and increasing sanctions pressure. This position is shared by many Austrian politicians, public figures, and the vast majority of entrepreneurs. Banking structures, the industrial sector, service industries and tourism are not going to fold their business in Russia and do not hide their interest of an early normalization of relations between Russia and the EU “, – reported at the Foreign Ministry.

The ministry noted that “relations between Russia and Austria are developing in a positive manner, characterized by a high degree of mutual trust, stability and the absence of serious problems.”

“Leaders of the two countries focus their interest in the development of political dialogue, the expansion of trade, economic, investment and innovation cooperation, cultural, scientific and technical contacts”, – said in a statement.

Kurz – to visit Moscow in the coming days

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