Russian music scene not immune from the wave of Russian patriotism sweeping the country


May 13, 2015

Kristina Rus

The “Russian spring” fueled by Western support for aggression against the Russian population and culture in Ukraine, and attempts to create the ring of hostility around Russia and to destabilize the country from within, is increasingly finding it’s expression in the contemporary Russian culture and music, in particular. 

The latest music video from the Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov “Go, Russia!” is one such example.

The Russian people who wanted nothing more then to be equal partners of the world community, are finding new strength, motivation and riding a wave of patriotism not seen since WWII, after facing the latest Western hostility.  

The pain of each Donbass resident is personal pain for most Russians, who used to be all citizens of one country, and could have easily ended up in their place.

After all, for every action there is a reaction of the same intensity.

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