“Russian soldier” on Shuster Live: “You are feeding your people lies”


May 30, 2015

“Russian soldier” on Shuster Live: “You are feeding people lies”

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Talk show host Savik Shuster had a supposed Russian soldier live, via telephone, on his show, to talk about the war on the Donbass. However, at the end Shuster’s guest suddenly announced everything he said was made up, and that Ukraine’s government is “feeding citizens fakes” which the latter willingly fall for.

The “soldier” talked about Russian units supposedly operating on the Donbass against the UAF. But then he accused the Ukrainian TV and Shuster personally of spreading lies. He said that even though nothing he said was true, all the guests in the audience immediately believed it.

“You are feeding the people lies. Worst of all–you believe them. Because you are constantly lying to the entire Ukrainian people.”

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