Sokolovskaya: “We have to admit the reality of a complete partition of Ukraine”


May 5, 2015


Translated by Alya Rea (source:

After the Crimea’s departure to Russia, Ukraine is facing the prospect of another
partition of the country. Yanina Sokolovskaya, a political commentator
from Kiev, writes about it in The World
Politics magazine,

“Under threat are Transcarpathian region, which could theoretically be claimed by Hungary; Chernovitskaya and Odesskaya
regions, which are of big interest to Romania; Lvov region that is gravitating to Poland’ Donetsk and Lugansk regions that are
aspiring to be with Russia; and the Crimea that
is already part of the latter,” she writes. According to Sokolovskaya, after the
loss of Crimea, Ukraine lost the status of the largest European country, and its population was reduced from
50 to 32 million. Thus, without exaggeration, it
could be said that Ukraine finds itself under the threat.
It can only hope for tolerance of its European neighbors.

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“After all, each of the regions is indispensable for the Ukrainian state economy,” stressed the journalist. Ukrainian
expert community is seriously
considering various options for partition
of the country, said the commentator.

“Today, it is
extremely difficult to maintain ‘one and indivisible’
Ukraine. Some experts believe
that an acceptable scenario
in such a situation is the loss of Donbass. The unacceptable one is the loss of the whole Novorossiya (South
East) or the entire Left Bank,”
admits Sokolovskaya. She believes
that the Western politicians, too, are
moving away from the idea of “unitary

“Nowadays, the only person who talks about the indivisibility of Ukraine is Lithuanian
President, Dalia Grybauskaitė, who visits Kiev quite often. On the other hand, Poland
has begun to distance itself from the Ukrainian problems.
Many Polish politicians make statements that run counter to the position of Kiev,” reminds the Kiev political analyst.

Also, Sokolovskaya draws attention to the fact
that recently the Polish TV made public the map of the implied partition of Ukraine.
“On this map, the Chernovitskaya region is painted in the colors of Romania, Lvov – in colors of
Poland, Transcarpathian region – in colors of Hungary,
with only the central part painted in the colors of Ukraine, while the rest of the territory, including Odessa and Kharkov regions, painted red, symbolizing Russia,” said Yanina

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