Statistics: the number of homicides in Kiev region up 8 times in March 2015


Is this what Maidan stood for?

May 6, 2015

Ruslan Sobol

Head of association of small and medium business owners

Translated by Kristina Rus

“Recently I, as the head of the association of owners of small and medium business and a member of the public council at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, filed a request with the Chief Directorate of the MIA of Ukraine in Kiev region and the Chief Directorate of the MIA of Ukraine in the city of Kiev about the data on registered criminal offences in the last two years. Kiev directorate did not answer, but the regional directorate sent an official response with an expanded table. 

The data from this table is chilling:

  • The number of suicides in March of current year is two and a half times higher than in March 2013 
  • The number of homicides in March 2014 – 9; in March 2015 – 74, that is – increased by 8 times! 
  • Robberies in March 2014 – 381, in March 2015 – 1,549, which is an increase of four times! 
  • Car theft: in March 2013 – 17 cases; in March 2014 – already 47, and this year in the respective month – 46 cases 
  • Cases of fraud in the first three months of the current year – two times more than in six months of 2014″

PS: And this is just the official version …

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