The Chilling Statistics of Ukrainian Police State


Is this what Maidan stood for? 

May 13, 2015     

 ВЗГЛЯД / Репрессии и террор на Украине

Translated by Kristina Rus

Repressions and Terror in Ukraine

After the coup of February 22, 2014

(Vzglyad. The Business Paper)

Sources: Reporters without Borders; Ukrainian official data; The Foundation of Research of Problems of Democracy; open sources

Political Prisoners

  • 4,023 criminal cases “for support of separatism”
  • 753 people in jail, including for speaking out against mobilization (12 years) and on suspicion of collection of open information about a military base (9 years)

Murders and Persecutions 

  • Oleg Kalashnikov, ex-deputy and anti-Maidan activist – shot to death
  • 8 former high profile officials committed suicide due to persecution, which some referred to in death notes. [In some cases suicides have the hallmarks of homicides – KR]

Witchhunt of Journalists

  • Contract killings of Oleg Buzina and 4 more journalists
  • 33 journalists kidnapped
  • 47 arrested
  • 215 have been attacked
  • About 100 Russian journalists deported from Ukraine
  • 5 journalists killed in Donbass

Torture and War Crimes

  • Hundreds of militia fighters and Donbass civilians tortured to death
  • Mass cases of rape, robberies and aggravated crimes of national guard confirmed by Ukrainian General Ruban

Lustration of Public Servants

  • Testing of public servants and judges for loyalty to the new authorities [including using a lie detector – KR]
  • For working under Yanukovich for more then a year – immediate termination without trial
  • Public servants suspected of crimes are subjected to “trash lustration” by the radicals, beaten and assaulted

Please Yandex “Мусорная люстрация” for more pics of “Trash Lustration”:

Новости Четверга, 02 Октября 2014 года.Агрегатор новостей.VI…

Persecution of Church

  • More then 20 churches of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate have been seized
  • More then 70 cases of attacks of radicals on priests and parishioners
  • Dozens of priests were forced to leave the country under death threats

Bans on Movies

  • Legal ban on movies promoting operations of Russian security forces
  • Separate bans on films “The White Guard” and “Ivan Poddubny”

Communism Outlawed

  • Ban on communist symbols (with an exception of Soviet medals), including flags and monuments
  • Communism equated to Nazism as a criminal ideology
  • 5 years in jail for performing the anthem of USSR

Ban of TV channels

  • 14 Russian TV channels banned
  • Russian “Euronews” lost its license

Restrictions on Interviews

  • Ukrainian citizens are advised against giving interviews to Russian media
  • Rules on communication with Russian journalists developed

State Promotion of Snitching

  • 7,500 people in Interior Ministry database “on suspicion of separatism” complied based on complaints posted to the website  “Peacemaker” (“Mirotvorets”) instituted by the Interior Ministry, including historian Oles Buzina and activist Maxim Kalashnikov [who were murdered after their personal info was posted on the site – KR].

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