The faces of Odessa massacre


May 1, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

A year ago my Odessa was murdered

Vadim Papura. I was thrown out the window

Kristina Bezhanitskaya. I was beaten to death.
Alexander Prijmak. I suffocated to death.

Alexander Zhulkov. I was shot.
Gennady Petrov. I was shot.
Andre Brazhevsky. I jumped out the window, and then I was beaten to death
Vadim Negaturov. I died from burns.

Irina Yakovenko. I was strangled. 
Vladimir Brygar. I was shot. 
Yevgeny Mitchik. I suffocated.
Svetlana Pikalova. I suffocated.
Vladimir Novitsky. I burned alive.

Igor Zayats. I jumped out of a window

Nina Lomakhina. I suffocated.

Gennady Kushnarev. I was shot. 
Gennady Kovriga. I was beaten to death. 
Viktor Bullakh. I was shot, thrown out the window, then beaten to death

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Viktor Gunn. I was burned alive.
Anatoly Khalin. I was thrown out the window
Anna Populyakh. I was burned alive. 

Mikhail Sherbinin. I was killed, then burned alive. 
Vyacheslav Markin. I jumped out the window. 
Dmitry Nikityuk. I suffocated. 
Maksim Nikitenko. I was beaten and thrown down the stairs.

Petr Kair. I was burned alive. 

Sergey Mishin. I was burned alive.

Yevgeny Losinsky. I was shot. 
Alexander Konanov. I suffocated.
Alexey Balaban. I was shot.
Yury Karasev. I burned alive.
Sergey Kostyukhin. I burned alive
Ivan Milev. I suffocated
Nikolay Yavorsky. I was shot. 
Igor Lukas. I suffocated. 
Andre Gnatenko. I suffocated. 
Leonid Berezovsky. I burned alive.
Igor Ostorozhnyuk. I jumped out the window from the fire, then I was beaten to death
Anna Verenikina. I suffocated
Alexander Sadovnichiy. I burned alive. 
Viktor Polevoy. I died from burns.

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