The Nepal emergency of the Ukrainian Minister of Emergency Situations


May 4, 2015

Yuliana Skibitskaya

Translated by Kristina Rus

The adventures of Shkiryak on the way to Kathmandu

The chronology of the journey of the main rescuer of the country and reaction in the social networks

Приключения Шкиряка по дороге в Катманду

The last few days the entire Ukraine was closely following the misadventures of the acting head of the State Emergency Service Zoryan Shkiryak on the way to Nepal, where he went to rescue our compatriots, who were in distress due to the earthquake. “Vesti” complied a chronology of the journey of the chief rescuer of the country.

April 29

On his Facebook page Zoryan Nestorovich cheerfully reported about his readiness to fly to Nepal, where, apparently he was going to rescue our Ukrainians from the disaster zone on his own. “Expecting permission to land in Delhi or Kathmandu”, – reported Shkiryak. Posting a couple of selfies for the road near the plane and in the plane, the chief rescuer hit the road.

Приключения Шкиряка по дороге в Катманду. Фото 1

Zoryan flew the transport aircraft IL – 72. Later journalists have estimated that given the maintenance costs of the flight (which were originally planned at the level of 7 million) it would be easier, faster and much cheaper to finance the transport of Ukrainians from Nepal on commercial passenger flights.

April 30

Upon arrival in Delhi, Zoryan Shkiryak immediately complained – Internet is slow, connection is terrible, and a flight to Nepal is only permitted on May 3. Complementing the resentful post with a couple of pictures of the brave Minister of Emergency Situations, apparently, updating on his status the nearby journalists, the chief rescuer of the country went sightseeing around the capital of India.

Приключения Шкиряка по дороге в Катманду. Фото 3

May 1

Ukrainian plane received permission to land in Kathmandu on May 2 at 4 am. But fate was clearly not on the side of our Minister – the Ukrainian plane suddenly broke, and there was no time to deliver the parts in time, said the Minister. On the same day the Ukrainian delegation moved to Kathmandu, where it remained waiting for the miracle plane part. Zoryan Nestorowicz calmed the public with a fresh batch of photos, and journalist Bogdan Kutepov, who was also in the delegation, reported that Shiryak’s girfriend arrived to aid the rescue of Ukrainians.

Приключения Шкиряка по дороге в Катманду. Фото 4

May 4

The desired part finally arrived in Kathmandu, but – oh, horror of horrors! It turns out that it didn’t fit. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is thinking how to evacuate Ukrainian citizens on passenger flights. And the rescue delegation, meanwhile, continues to remain in India. 

Minister’s misadventures could not remain unnoticed by the users of social networks. “Vesti” gathered Facebook reactions.

Alexander Baraboshco (blogger Cruz):

Skiryak in stuck in a situation like a pathetic dude with a chick. It’s like he takes a girl to a restaurant, where he is told “Sorry, all tables are taken” and he says: “Don’t worry, I will figure something out”. Then he says, he knows people at the nightclub and then fails the face control there. And so he is trying to make up stories to make up for the failed night. On words he is the head of Emergency Situations Service, a member of the cabinet of ministers and all that, but in fact he is like that kid with a girl, who cannot solve anything, telling himself, may be next time it will work out.

Vladislav Bovsunovsky, journalist:

After the circus in the form of a flight to Nepal, Zoryan Shkiryak must resign, and the competent authorities must start criminal proceedings. This would be fair. Rudkovsky legacy obviously haunted him. Now his record for the cost of useless flights was beaten.

Viktor Pylypyshyn, politician:

It is interesting is this a kind of masochism from the government or a process of screwing any common sense and  an experiment over the society… !!! Was there a boy (the plane) at all?

Konstantin Stogniy, journalist:

At other times, I would certainly not miss the opportunity to sneer over the rescue operation to rescue the rescuers. Now I am not in the mood for irony and laughter. My foreign colleagues are laughing at me, asking if it was I who went on holidays to India for tens of millions from the budget. What we need to do now is analyze mistakes made and think hundred times before launching cheap PR campaign against the leadership of the Emergency Service, or any other public service. Only at first glance, “the cook can govern the state.” But Prime Minister must honestly say exactly how much (and why?) was spent from the budget to send a heavy aircraft, idling at the airport, accommodation and expenses of staff, delivery-customs-clearance-installation of the “wrong” parts, the arrival of the new aircraft for dismantling-customs-installation of “possibly the correct” part and so on…  The image blow to the state from such action has been made. [Is this the worst thing to worry about that can damage the image of Ukraine? – KR] I hope that the government will report to their citizens about the expenses, but not like with phone donations for the Army. It’s still a mystery: how much money was gathered, who spent it and on what exactly? The reform must start (in the second year!) with each failure having a last name.

Anatoly Shary, media expert

From 25th to 29th they were thinking what to do. On the 29th sent a plane to evacuate Ukrainians from Nepal. But the plane never landed there. On the 1st it turned out the plane was broken. Well, why sent a working plane to Nepal, right? To send parts before the 2nd (also by plane) will not work. That means – have to send another plane. The operation to rescue Ukrainians will bring good profits to the Minister with a nut-brain, but nobody will be rescued. I can assure you.

Alena Yakhno, press secretary of the Kiev Prosecutor’s office

Perhaps it would be much cheaper to rescue everyone by commercial flights.

Borislav Bereza, MP (Right Sector)

Evacuation of Ukrainians from Nepal is a freaking shame. 40 people never got in contact. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is silent. Search mission is being executed by the Nepalese army. The Ukrainian side is not involved in the search and the nation is not informed about what is happening. The search operation of their countrymen is led by the Israelis, the British, the Americans and representatives of other nations, who are not indifferent to the fate of their citizens. No one is looking for each Ukrainian, in order to keep our media silent. Officials are silent. The plane, which was sent to Delhi on a rescue mission, broke. And the rescue mission conceived as a PR exercise risks to go down in the history as black PR. The part for IL-76, which was brought to Delhi from Ukraine is not suitable, i.e. they brought the wrong part. The plane is standing in Delhi and we, Ukrainians, are paying $500 an hour for the parking at the airport. Now it will remain there until a new part is found. Who will compensate these costs? Pensioners, students, taxpayers? Will we learn the name of the culprit in this disaster? The journalists from the delegation ran out of money, and asked to be assigned the status of evacuees. The shame of evacuation Ukrainian style still continues! Our citizens, as always, are one-on-one with the world. The state, represented by the leadership of Ukraine is obliged to care, help and otherwise to protect its citizens. [Unless they are Russian, want to celebrate Russian holidays and do business with Russia – KR] Why do we need this type of state which remembers about us only when it is necessary to pay taxes? This type of state needs to change!

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