“Kiev DiviSSion” blows up Roshen store in Kiev


May 30, 2015

Terror war in Ukraine is intensifying—Roshen store in Kievattacked from a grenade launcher

By chayka_kiev

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

A Roshen store was blown up on Timoshenko Street in Kiev. Apparently from a
grenade launcher. No casualties, but the importance of this act lies elsewhere—the
war is being felt in Kiev more and more strongly. So far it hasn’t been felt
here at all (the economic crisis is very noticeable, but the war isn’t). But
lately things have been changing rapidly…While the explosion at Sberbank was written
off as an act by radical nationalists aimed at Russia, the explosion at Roshen
is clearly aimed at the government. It doesn’t even matter whether this is an
internal struggle or an assault team from the Donbass. It’s an indicator that
Poroshenko (and the State as a whole) cannot protect the capital and its
assets. And that’s an alarm bell. For both the plankton and predators higher on
the food chain. The state is collapsing, and now it’s plainly evident in Kiev.

Incidentally, I don’t believe it was a grenade launcher. A caseless powder charge
makes an indentation and a hole, but here there’s only a hole. And the speed
with which the authorities came out and the statements it was hooliganism are
also very telling… If it were hooliganism, they wouldn’t be launching Perekhvat
[codename for counter-terrorism operation]. 
And today is the beginning of a large, three-day bicycle competition in
Kiev with international participation.  They’ve closed off streets, there’s a sea of
police on the streets. And now this…

Coincidence? I don’t think so. 

J.Hawk’s Comment: The responsibility for the attack was assumed by a right-wing radical organization that goes by the name of Kiev DiviSSion. Who the hell are these clowns, and which rock did they crawl from under?  One possibility (as always, in such cases) is that the rock is the SBU, and that the junta is looking for an excuse to impose martial law (what with the default looming larger every day). I suppose we should count the fact they are not trying to frame Novorossia, Putin, Kadyrov, Nazgul, as an improvement…

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