The war of WWII propaganda memes


May 8, 2015

Kristina Rus

In an attempt to rally Ukrainians to kill fellow Ukrainians in the East of the country by equating the effort in the war with Nazi Germany with a war against Ukrainian civilians opposing the Kiev junta,  launched under the pretense of a war against “the Russian aggressor”, the Kiev authorities decided to capitalize on the approaching 70th anniversary of V-day in WWII and rolled out a new round of propaganda memes to be widely distributed through social networks to plug the gaps in some minds and in the historic foundation of Kiev junta ideology, which make its long term survival unsustainable. 

It did not take long for the Russian bloggers to respond with counter-memes to the Kiev junta version of history.

But first – the neo-nazis justifying their Nazism by the struggle of regular Ukrainians against the Nazis, whom the grandfathers of today’s neo-nazis aided and supported.

“Kiev 2015” version of parallels between Ukraine in the 1940’s and Ukraine in 2014-2015 under the latest project “Remember. Proud. Will win” designed by the Center of Political Consulting, posted on Facebook by none other then Dmitry Tymchyuk, Kiev’s “chief of propaganda” with a request for wide dissemination:

1939-1945 Remember.Be Proud. Will win

“Making fun of Nazi and Russian propaganda”

UPA partisans vs. Volunteer battalions “fighting the aggressor” now and then
Greeting the warriors
Factories producing weapons against Hitler vs weapons against Eastern Ukrainians

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Soviet singer Klavdia Shulzhenko and Ukrainian singer Ruslana rallying the troops against Hitler vs. their own people
Defense of Sevastopol vs. Ukrainian cyborgs “defending” Donetsk airport so they can bomb more of Donetsk residents
Ukrainian military doctors, now and then
A WWII female pilot vs. Nadezhda Savchenko (bombing Ukrainian children in the cities of Donbass, but according to Kiev – fighting the Russian aggressor)

And here is the truth and the reason why Crimea, Eastern Ukraine and volunteers from across all the ex-Soviet republics rose so strongly against the Kiev junta – because they are the heirs of the German Nazis, against whom all their grandfathers had fought against 70 years ago:

Bandera victims and a Ukrainian Bandera fan:

Ukrainian POW vs. German POW:

Ukrainian Nazis burning down a Belorussian village in 1943 and Ukrainian Nazis burning down 48 people in Odessa in 2014:

Kids hiding from Nazi bombings in WWII and from Ukrainian bombings in Donbass in 2014:

Ukrainian girls now and then:

Ukrainian women welcoming the Nazis:

        Homes bombed by German Nazis in WWII and by the Ukrainian Nazis in 2014-2015:

A walk of shame of the German  POW’s and Ukrainian POW’s in Donetsk:

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