Ukraine: Hostilities (which never stopped) are on the verge of a new break out


Donetsk, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Brief account of yesterday’s attacks.

1.  On the territory of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Yasinovataya more then 30 buildings were destroyed or severely damaged. Our side yesterday had more than 10 wounded, the junta officially had 1 dead and several wounded. There are victims among civilians.

2. Among others the attack was conducted from artillery of 122 and 152 mm caliber.

3. Concerning the issue about the use of foreign barrels of 155 mm caliber. There are craters of a similar size, but given the fact that the 152 and 155 mm guns are very similar, there is no sufficient evidence.

4. According to the statements by Pushilin, yesterday “everything was on the verge of resumption of hostilities”. More empty words for TV, fighting has never stopped. Hot spots are the same. The escalation mechanism is the same as in the winter.

5. The junta naturally stated that it’s not their fault, and that it was “the terrorists firing at themselves”. In general, continuing the same tune and “strictly complying with the Minsk agreement.”

6. Local ceasefire deals are becoming symptomatic, given the fact that the fire had to be terminated in accordance with the agreements of February 12. These new situational ceasefires best indicate that the old [Minsk]  agreement has long been tossed away. As Basurin complains, the junta is “cheating”even in these new deals. A ceasefire was agreed, but the junta continued the shelling for 40 more minutes.

7. Our side of course responded accordingly. The efficiency of counter battery fire is difficult to estimate.

8. Tonight, after dark, a follow up is expected. But today the most likely epicenter is Shirokhino, where the enemy is accumulating forces.

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