Ukraine offers up a sales catalog


Sputnik France, May 13, 2015

May 14, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

The Ukrainian government has adopted a list of properties to privatize in 2015. The list includes 285 assets, among them, 30 coal mines, including the Zassiadko mine of Donetsk.

France is ready to take part in the privatization of public properties in Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Ukraine prime minister announced Wednesday in Paris after a meeting with his French counterpart, Manuel Valls.

“It’s the investor that the Ukrainian economy needs” indicated M. Yatsenyuk, cited by his press agency. According to him France with send experts on site of public properties of Ukraine “so that the campaign of Ukrainian privatization will be honest and transparent.”

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The Ukrainian media reported Wednesday that the government of the country has adopted a list of public property to privatize in 2015. The list includes 285 items including thirty coal mines, including the Donetsk Zassiadko mine, one of the biggest in Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers also intends to privatize several seaports and companies whose privatization has been prohibited up to now.

The meeting between MM. Valls and Yatsenyuk opens the door to cooperation in the struggle against corruption. “The French government has clearly indicated that it was ready to cooperate with the Ukrainian judicial department in the investigation of illegal assets that Ukrainian officials own in France,” said Yatsenyuk.

Valls and Yatsenyuk came to an agreement about a visit of the French minister of economy and the minister of agriculture to Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian prime minister, investments in energy and food production are the two main elements of economic cooperation between France and Ukraine.

France will host a conference on the potential for investment in Ukraine in the fall. French president Hollande and the Ukrainian prime minister reached an agreement on this Wednesday. Ukraine expects also to organize such conferences in the US and in Germany.

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