Ukrainian billboard: “We defeated Hitler, will defeat Putler too!”


May 4, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Future museum of Ukrainian russophobia just received a new exhibit. 

The highway Odessa-Kiev was decorated with a new billboard in time for Victory day, featuring a Ukrainian soldier fastidiously holding by the collar the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler resembling Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The billboard reads: 

“Defeated Hitler – will defeat Putler too!”

The photo was posted by Pavel Shermet on Twitter.


Does this look like a country preparing for peace? 

In fact the photo represents the utter despise that the Ukrainian state is trying to instill in the public not only towards Putin, but towards the residents of Donbass, and all Ukrainian citizens who support a friendly relationship with neighboring Russia. And their preferred fate is clear from the picture.

Although Ukraine was confused about its attitude towards Hitler, often referred to as a “liberator” whom the Galician Ukrainians greeted with flowers, the Kiev authorities realized that worshiping Hitler is a PR disaster, and instead decided to erase any collaboration with Hitler and the role played by Ukrainians in the extermination of Jews from the Ukrainian history.

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