Ukrainian militants executed a Novorossia militia man and his pregnant wife


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May 21, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

Information agency NewsFront posted a video discovered on the cell phone of one of the fighters of the Ukrainian battalion, liquidated by people’s militia of Lugansk Republic.

His name and the date of liquidation were not disclosed.

On the video men in masks and camouflage with Ukrainian markings performed a cold-blooded execution of two people by hanging on a specially constructed gallows in the woods. A vehicle “Niva” was used as a scaffold. The event was recorded by the executioners on a cell phone camera.

One of the victims – a pregnant woman. The executioners put bags on the heads of the victims. The video had no sound.

NewsFront commented that it does not guarantee the authenticity of this video. The only sure thing is that the video was found on the phone of a dead punisher, noted the agency. Judging by the twitches of the executed man, it is not likely to be staged.

Meanwhile, the General Prosecutor’s office of LPR made a statement which confirmed that the video of the execution was really found on the phone of one of Ukrainian saboteurs from a subversive-intelligence group, which was liquidated by LPR people’s militia forces.

“The group was engaged in subversive activities. In this case, this group (DRG) consisted of three people. A militia man was killed. His name and callsign are not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. He was killed by hanging. And his wife in the last stage of pregnancy was hanged. In a course of a law enforcement operation one of the members of this DRG was killed. Currently we are trying to establish his identity, his unit and connections. The rest, unfortunately, managed to escape. The video you’re about to see, I think, needs no comment. Other then bastards you cannot call the persons who did it”, – said the head of the investigative department of the Prosecutor General of LPR, Leonid Tkachenko.

“It is not a montage and it’s not staged, – said the investigator.- This is an authentic footage. Identification of the other participants is a matter of time”. 

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