Why Kerry came to Sochi: will the US dump their Kiev “partners”?

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May 14, 2015

Dmitry Lekuk


Translated by Krisitna Rus

…Let’s just start with the answer to the question in the title: if it “will serve the interests of the United States of America”, then surely “will dump” — and this is not even a discussion.

“Dumped” even better ones.

It’s simple.

USA is not a “global evil” just as USA is not a “global good”.

USA first and foremost is the USA.

With all its pluses and minuses — an incredibly cynical, pragmatic, public establishment, goals and objectives of which are directly and unambiguously spelled out in its state-funding documents, including, in many respects – an exemplary Constitution.

The question here should be put somewhat differently: does a return of used up bottles to a potential buyer correspond to “the interests of the United States of America” at this historical moment? Will they get a good price for it? And what is the damn seller’s margin? And finally: is the “potential buyer” ready to pay anything for this item, rapidly losing its price?

There should be no illusions: even though the United States is the leading global superpower, first of all they were and are by their inner imperative a business Empire.

This is their philosophy, their way of life.

Their famous and praised by Hollywood “American dream”.

And any action, including in the international arena, for them, is primarily a “project”, and this is unamendable: otherwise the US will simply lose its inner essence and cease to be, in fact, the United States of America. And modern business can’t operate without hedging on long contracts, and timely fixation of profits/losses on the previously executed operations.

This is, excuse me, – the axiom of the modern market.

If (as in the classic “short hedge”) the futures are in a negative trend, then they have to be fixed and sold. Kerry, by the way, almost directly said this, when he formulated literally: “the conflict in Ukraine continues for too long.”

And indeed it is.

So, in order to hedge the risks, you need at least to “test the market” and to try to negotiate: and it would be foolish if Americans behaved somehow differently. They quite often, as you know, while executing their political projects, invest in the “authorities” and “opposition” at the same time — even in countries with friendly regimes. The unfortunate Hosni Mubarak, thank God, is a live example. In the case of Ukraine the situation is certainly more difficult, but no one has cancelled the the tested business mechanics.

That is, in principle, the whole “purpose of the visit”.

And, the funny thing is, in this philosophical system the opinion of “the independent Ukrainians” on the coordinate system of the seller is somewhere between a tug of war and high-speed knitting: the seller may want to know what the buyer thinks about it, but he could care less what the product itself thinks about the transaction.

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