Yatsenyuk reconsiders the border fence out of fear it would be stolen


May 28, 2015

Yatsenyuk reconsiders the border fence out of fear it would be stolen

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers decided that the expensive border installations would require additional protection, and the country’s budget can’t afford that.

The “wall” that’s supposed to separate Ukraine from Russia in only a few months transformed itself from a complex fortifications belt (at least on paper) into a three-meter-deep ditch which will not even be fenced in.

Those are the most recent news from the CabMin special meeting which has already simplified the design out of the desire to save money. This time they calculated that it would be too expensive to maintain the security devices and moreover it would be necessary to hire special security guards to prevent the locals from pilfering security systems for souvenirs and scrap metal.

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Therefore only actual border crossings will have a fence, while the rest of the “wall” will be limited to ditches and video cameras. 

The first phase of the “wall” is to be completed in one week. The first- and second-level protective lines on the entire border between Russia and Ukraine, not counting the Donbass. Kiev still has not figured out how to build the wall between Russia and the Donbass, although the wall project calls for them.

As originally intended, in a few places the ditches were supposed to be filled with water. Then the border violator would have to tackle a metal barrier equipped with motion sensors. 

However, the Ukrainian government acknowledged already in November of 2014 that it does not have enough money. It proved too expensive to build security barriers for a country that’s on the brink of default.

Nevertheless, Ukrainian politicians have seen the light a bit late–they have already spent 7 billion hryvnia on the project. Which paid for an 80km anti-tank ditch. Ukraine’s Border Security Service then decided to leave it at that.

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