Zola lives! J’accuse!


Left: The President of France shakes the hand of Vitali Klitschko under the smiles of Levy and Poroshenko. Right: the war crimes continue.

Laurent Brayard

Novorossia Today, May 21, 2015

May 28, 2015

Translated from French by Tom Winter

I had the great chance to be in Donbass and Donetsk for several days, and to accomplish a duty, which should have been, in normal times, the duty of our government. With scant means, with the extraordinary support of some people in Donetsk (and elsewhere) I have been able to see with my own eyes what’s going on in this part of Europe that everyone is talking about, but that hardly a Frenchman could place on a map. I covered thousands of kilometers to be here, and once here, I can accuse the French government more strongly and with more precision. 

To say nothing would be a crime; to say nothing would be to dishonor my name as a citizen of France. I accuse, you, government of France, I accuse you, with your indirect support, of being responsible for the death of thousands in the Donbass; I accuse you of promoting famine and deplorable conditions of life; of participating in a lying propaganda that is unjust, dirty, and scandalous, a propaganda that has victimized millions of people; I accuse you of having betrayed all the French traditions that arose from the Revolution, and even of the Ancien Regime: to support the weak, defend them, liberate them from oppression in the manner of the thousands of volunteers in the first days of the Revolution, who marched against all Europe to grasp their own liberty and that of other peoples.

I accuse you, government, of abandoning your sovereignty, leaving it in that gutter called the European Union; I accuse you of not using the rights and duties of the French Voice that instructed our leaders to apply our diplomacy and our aura in the world, to do good, in complete independence and outside of any foreign influence contrary to the interest of the nation. 

And I accuse you of lying to the French people with a mass and criminal propaganda which has for months on end meant undermining, attacking and smearing Russia by all means in its possession. This dangerous russophobia teeming with racism, teeming with nationalism, has gotten to such a point that we have refused to walk alongside our Russian brothers for the Victory of May 9, 1945, the victory over nazism. 

And meanwhile in Ukraine we are supporting a regime based on a neo-nazi fringe, pouring billions of Euros through the European Union, and the taxes paid by the French — money that serves to arm and equip soldiers in battalions of murderers and rapists like the Azov and Aydar battalions.

I accuse the government of France with all her journalists or practically our country of participating in a dramatic lie through which people are getting killed in Donbass: the myth that the Russian Army has invaded Ukraine. I have been in the Donbass, I went there passing through two different frontier posts, at Novochakhtinsk and Matveev-kurgan. If there had been any 50,000 Russian soldiers proclaimed by the pro-Ukrainian activists who now indirectly have blood on their hands, such as the infamous Nathalie Pasternak; if there had been actual divisions, I would have seen those hundreds of tanks, trucks, support staff, and the like. 

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I saw no Russian military force massed at the frontiers, where the Cossack steppes are the essence of the open plains and it would be difficult to hide. During my travels I did not see a Russian soldier, a regiment, a brigade, or a division, or army of the Russian Federation. Everywhere I went, throughout the towns I toured, for instance the Cossack village of Antratsyt, small town of 54,000 south of Lugansk, I saw no Russian military forces. 

I was able to interview all the inhabitants I could meet.  All of them, even the one opposed to the idea of a Novorossia (there are some!) declared there was no Russian army in the Donbass. I was able to verify this myself during my time there and I discovered only republican soldiers from the forces of the two republics, outfitted and armed in a very heterogenous manner.

I have recounted in other times what I have seen and heard in the Donbass. It would have sufficed the French government to have sent one single diplomat, one single observer, to state and verify and render an objective report to our minister of foreign affairs, and through him to our President of the Republic. 

Our French government has not done it, but instead has bull-headedly been charging Russia. What I have seen in the Donbass: simple people, young, younger, men and women, infants and elderly. It is certainly a russophone population, but what they are hoping for is only their freedom. They have already chosen independence through a referendum. They have already drawn over Donetsk and Lugansk the curtain of liberty. 

This population has been sustained in a relative manner by a Russia that has welcomed 1.7 million refugees without any help from abroad, without France, home of the Rights of Man, contributing one sou to help these people in their distress. On the contrary, it is Russia, unjustly sanctioned, that has lent a hand; it is the people of Donbass who suffer and die. 

Without the incredible solidarity of the people of the Donbass,  thousands of them would already be dead, but so many others, soldiers and civilians alike, are going to die. And this is because the want to be free; they want to be masters of their own destiny; they want to live.

Therefore, in my own name, whatever it costs me, even oppression or prison, I appeal to all the French, of whatever origin, without distinction of color, or politics, to sanction the French government by all possible means of resistance, electoral or not, by using passive resistance, by standing up, by ceasing to live on your knees. 

The population of the Donbass shows us the example; we can undo this iniquitous presidential regime of sated and stuffed oligarchs; we can peacefully push them outside the walls: the force of the people, as Danton said, is without limit. A spark is all it will require for France to learn all over again the power of the people, to reapproprate democracy so that no more lies and falsifications of history get sustained by France, especially when people are dying under the bombs, and even assassinated through blockades of medicine and food. For me, the decision is done. As the French ambassador to Prague 1939 asked the Czech nationality when the German troops crashed the border, I ask the nationality of the Donbass. I’d rather share the fate of the brave people than to stay silent and quietly follow the politicians who dishonor their responsibilities with every passing day, and in so doing, dishonor France

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