18 year-old Novorossia hero “Maloy” (the Kid) killed (video)


June 24, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Today we have heard reports coming from Novorossia about the death of militia man “Maloy”. This is his earlier interview:

– I am Andre, call-sign Maloy. From Lisichansk. I was signed up for the militia on the third try. They didn’t want to take me, because I was too young, 18 years old. But I was very persistent.

I was transferred to the stronghold in Yampol. We retreated from Yampol, when were surrounded. It was very hot. There were many killed. Out of my Lisichansk friends only two survived, everyone else was killed. Then I was in Nikolayevka, from Nikolaevka I also had to come out of an encirclement. From Nikolayevka to Slavyansk, then to Donetsk, then to Ilovaysk.

I was given a cross, because I lead the people out of encirclement. When we retreated we needed a good cover. I am good with RPG. I covered the guys, 18 people.

I want to stay in Ilovaisk, live here and serve DPR.

I don’t have a family, just my mother, but she is far away, and here I have a new family, I met a girl and want to live with her. 

– Good luck, may God give you much health!

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